Verminion Master Career: Missing Title

As you all surely know, I’m growing and training a Minion army to conquer the world.

One fine day, Lord of Verminion was released by the Gold Saucer Management. A battleground for minions.

Of course I had to join the fights in order to show the world they should fear my hordes of minions!

There was just one problem.

They would not let me have the title “Minion Master” even though I had enough minions! I had to obtain a new minion to unlock the title.

Easier said than done when you already have all the easily obtainable or payable minions…

I fell into a deep depression.

After some days, Mag suddenly initiated a trade.

2015-11-14 Mag Minion 01

He gave me one of the most adorable new Minions ever created! ö_ö He said, he found a super sale price and had obtained it just for me! ö.ö

The achievements unlocked one after another.

2015-11-14 Mag Minion 02

Happily, I summoned my new minion and welcomed it to the team. The little guy was carrying a drop of water on its leaf. At all times.

2015-11-14 Mag Minion 03

Ever since, I keep him as companion – but only while it’s warm enough so that the water drop doesn’t freeze!

2015-11-14 Mag Minion 04

Preparations for Christmas have started so I created a new Santa outfit :D


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