It all happened when I was wearing the title “Stargazer”.

I met famous people and I became famous (maybe).

First of all, I saw Perciment who seems to be always around Omn Nomnom, already for decades as described here:

2015-11-07 Stargazer Percimont 01

He was gathering at the same node as me but escaped my grasp when I realized. >.<;

Some days later, I was approached by Stellan. A friend, Mumura, had recommended him a FFXIV blog. My blog. ö.ö

I was really happy that actually people outside of my FC and friends read my blog! \(^___^)/

Thanks to all of you reading this!

2015-11-07 Stargazer Riiko 01

A bit later, they asked me to help them out in Haukke Manor (normal). Of course I joined for some lowlevel fun and Eos Main Healing. ö.ö

2015-11-07 Stargazer Riiko 02

Next up, I discovered an Au Ra Lady who wandered through Idyllshire. There was no name floating over her head which I found VERY STRANGE! At some point, she disappeared o.o;

2015-11-08 Idyllshire 01

I found more of those people of the land who managed to exist without a floating name! (Which I still find impressive by the way.)

They were repairing and building stuff in town while complaining about the hard work. Guess they didn’t have any money to pay mages in order to help them out. Poor guys ;_; They could just ask me! I’d help out for free.

2015-11-08 Idyllshire 02

It’s really interesting to observe adventurers and people of the land in this world. Many are too busy to stop and look.

I’m not always too busy. That’s why you can call me STARGAZER now. ò.óV

2015-11-08 SCH Universe

My eyes gaze upon the stars that live on the ground. Those little stars actually shine the brightest. :3


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