Final Fantasy XI Event: A Journey to Remember

The next day, iroha and me went to go kill the Shadow Dragon and his partner some Flying Eye.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 16

Iroha managed to use her ultimate attack which looked really amazing!

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 17

In the end, we slayed both enemies and returned to town.

There, Iroha thanked all the adventruers who had helped her in the battles.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 18

She had regained all her memories after using the ultimate attack.

Also the Journalist was happy about the development of the story.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 19

It all began with a stone, or so the story goes…

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 20

Iroha and me remembered countless adventures in Vana’diel.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 21

I had spent years of my life battling enemies, saving the world, making new friends, helping people in need.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 22

We defeated the strongest enemies and managed to evade the wrath of our super powerful allies.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 23

The adventures will never be forgotten again.

I remember, I looked kinda the same as I look now, yet, I was different. I’m pretty sure, I was reincarnated into who I am now. But what had happened in Vana’diel that I had obviously died? Was I wrong? Maybe I was existing in 2 dimensions at the same time and due to Iroha traveling to Eorzea, the boundaries between both worlds were shifting, touching and so this other Lalafell and me were connecting?

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 24

Even Iroha had a weird experience…

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 25

I think I’ll stick to the reincarnation story.

Meanwhile, Iroha didn’t manage to get back to Vana’diel so she would stay in Eorzea a little longer.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 26

In the end, the Journalist happy for Iroha, yet a little disappointed. It seemed like nobody would buy a fantasy story about a girl from a different dimension… But why is this so far-fetched? o.o; I mean, magic exists in both worlds and much is possible with magic.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 27

I received Irohas clothes.

Guess she tossed them on the street after buying some Eorzean outfits. o.ô

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 28

And thus, my quest was complete.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 29


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