Final Fantasy XI Event: A Robber Crab to Remember

On 11.11.2015 a new seasonal event had started. A FFXI event!

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 01

It was all about the adorable Journalist Lala Lady who had heard news about a mysterious woman having arrived in Eorzea.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 02

We investigated and met Iroha. She had lost her memories and we were there to help her remember.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 03

First, we found a FATE called Our Favorite Pastime. It was all about slaying Robber Crabs.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 04

Robber crabs everywhere.

Suddenly, I remembered a time where I fought Robber Craby that lived within a giant tree. It tool minutes to kill one and the only reason to fight them was to gain skill ups with your weapon or maybe for evasion or parry skills.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 05

Wait, where did I know that from?! Were this memories from another me from a different dimension? Was I reincarnated and this was from my previous life?!

My thoughts were interrupted by masses of adventurers who slayed the robber crabs within seconds! O_O;;

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 06

Together with Iroha, I joined the fight!

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 07

In the end, she thanked me for my support.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 08

Somehow, she seemed to remember something.

For some reason, I saw in my head what she remembered. And it was the Shadow Lord. An evil creature menacing Vana’diel, the world where Iroha was from. But I also remembered that I had slain this foe! What was going on?!

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 09

Next up, we heard rumors of mysterious demons having appeared.

It turned out as Demons from Xarcabard who were protecting the castle of the Shadow Lord!

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 10

We slayed them like they were little flys.

Iroha thanked me for my great support.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 11

She remembered something else: Prishe, an old young-looking Elezen lady who was one of the heroes and saviours of Vana’diel. She was also a Monk with an immense power!

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 12

Weirdly, I remembered everything that Iroha remembered too, but I had no idea who this iroha person was. O.O;;

Next up was a giant scorpion who had already slain countless parties before: Serket

He was the one that groups camped to obtain his shoes.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 13

After the fight, Iroha remembered Fenrir, one of the stronges Primals of Vana’diel.

I remember being able to summon him as Summoner in Vana’diel. This saddened me deeply as in Eorzea, my Summoner is was weaker as he can only control 3 Primals who also look ridiculously useless.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 14

That was when Iroha mentioned a special ability she had learned from her master. She was sure that if she managed to use it, her memories might return and she could be able to return to her world.

2015-11-11 FFXI Event 15

Of course I would help her too, but first, we had dinner at the Adventurer’s Guild before taking a nice nap at the Inn.

Tomorrow, we would continue the quest.


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