Ex Primal Pony Farm Failventures

Pony farm is a thing.

A group of people of 4+ level 60 adventurers goes into the old Ex Primal fights in order to kill them fast. The goal are the Primal Pony Mounts that drop sometimes.

Of course thanks to our great experience in lv50 times, we all excel at these fights and never make any mistakes. Smooth runs are guaranteed.

2015-11-07 Ex Primals 04

Things never go wrong. Wipes are non-existant!

2015-11-07 Ex Primals 03

Getting frozen at Shiva is a myth.

2015-11-07 Ex Primals 05

Nowadays, it just doesn’t happen anymore.

Remember when you slipped into the border of the Shiva Arena just when Shiva is defeated and have to stay into the prison for another minute and having everyone to look at you? Yeah, this doesn’t happen anymore nowadays, I swear!!

2015-11-07 Ex Primals 02

Even Titan is not a feared foe anymore. Runs go super smooth and there are never issues with Landslides or anything.

2015-11-07 Ex Primals 01

As you can see, Pony farm is a very enjoyable and relaxed thing to do. They even increased the drop rate, so you actually see ponies drop.

Really, it’s not that bad. I actually kinda enjoy farming ponies ö.ö

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