Ritzin’s Transformation

It was a great day until I was attacked by some Au Ra dude.

He was all over me, like “sup, what’s up, Riiko?”

And I was like: “HELP!!”

So I ran.

2015-11-04 Ritz Au Ra 01

Over 30 minutes later when the queue had finally matched me with some poor Flames who had to endure me during Frontline activities, I was teamed up with Ryko. And this awful dude was there again!

This time, he looked hilarious in his lovely robe.

When I said that, Ryko was all shocked and looked at me a little sad. Had I done something wrong?

2015-11-04 Ritz Au Ra 02

Obviously I had.

I found out what was going on when I met Ryko, that Au Ra dude and Mag in the Gold Saucer.

Mag was like: “Hey, Ritz, you’ve changed to the worse.”

And I was like: “OMG NO PLEASE DON’T KICK ME FROM THE FC!”, and hid under Ritzi’s skirt.

2015-11-04 Ritz Au Ra 03

That didn’t help to appease Ritzi’s angry mind.

So I forced Mag to dance with me the Unicorn dance. This would surely help!

2015-11-04 Ritz Au Ra 04

It did help!

Ritz put on the really unique yellow armor and danced with us!

I think, Ryko was not amused at all. Not sure why, the dance is really cool and amazing.

2015-11-04 Ritz Au Ra 05

A few days later, I was just minding my own business at the Market Board, when a beautiful lady appeared in front of it.

2015-11-10 Ritzin Catgirl 01

The most adorable boss of EuroAsylum had returned to her true form and allowed me to lay my cute eyes upon her everlasting beauty.

To show how sorry I was about the other day, I asked her to come to her house as I had prepared a tasty present for her.

2015-11-10 Ritzin Catgirl 02

Unfortunately, she was not pleased, but she acknowledged the effort I put into it. So for now I may continue my Monday Events. Phew!

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