Jam Returns

It was a fine day in the Lavender beds when suddenly, Jam returned. I was overcome with joy!

She had taken quite a break and had been hiding in her basement for weeks. Now she had finally come out again to see the sunlight! ö.ö

2015-10-12 Jam returns 01

I called Mag to me and together, we showed her true Summoner Horn power.

I was beat by Jam who actually summoned Carbuncle while being a lv50 Summoner.

It was a sad moment.

2015-10-12 Jam returns 02

Jam got shocked by the fake plush Carby that I had with me. She couldn’t bear the presence of a fake Carby and left again.

Weeks later, she appeared while Mag and me were doing stuff in Gold Saucer.

Jam had a new hairstyle and had transformed into an Amazon warrior princess! ö.ö

2015-10-12 Jam returns 03

Mag and me celebrated this moment of Jam’s return.

2015-11-02 Mag Nin Daggers

Later that day, Mag and me celebrated Halloween. Somehow we must have scared Jam off by our actually really cool costumes and flying brooms .___.

2015-11-06 Mag Ghost Broom

Some more weeks later, I finally built my own Mog House!

(Please note that my Blog Posts are about 1-2 months behind of what actually happened in Eorzea, so the Mog House happened last weekend and is kind of a spoiler!!)

I cannot show you pictures yet but it looked exactly like this:

Paint-2015-12-07 Mog House

Jam got curious and when she saw it, she fainted and was never seen ever since.

Poor Jam, such a tough life with Mag and me roaming around the realm >.<;


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