Riiko meets Excalibur Celebrities: Omn Nomnom

It was in a Trial Roulette, when I suddenly got teamed up with Omn Nomnom’s Scholar in the Moogle HM fight!

At first, I was like “whaaaaaat? this can’t be”, but then she started explaining the fight for some new players. ö.ö

2015-10-20 Omn Nomnom 01

She’s actually kind and patient while looking adorable like in the comics!

You know Omn Nomnom’s comics, right? <_< http://xivnomnom.tumblr.com/

2015-10-20 Omn Nomnom 02

Shortly after, I saw her in Ishgard at the Summoning bell!

Quickly, I switched into my pro looking WHM gear. I didn’t want to show off or look good for Omn or anything!!11

2015-10-20 Omn Nomnom 03

And suddenly, she noticed me! Did she remember me from the Moogle fight?

2015-10-20 Omn Nomnom 04

She did, cause she waved at me, then danced the most awesome Manderville dance in the world!

2015-10-20 Omn Nomnom 05

We didn’t talk or anything. But I was happy enough to dance with her before she rushed off into new adventures.


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