PvP: Riiko’s Frontline

PvP is a big thing.

Especially after 3.0.


Because it’s very easy to gain cheap Esoteric Tomes!

You receive 40 Esoterics if you end up in “Seal Rock” for your daily Frontline Roulette – which is the case most of the time.

Of course I used that chance to study the art of killing other adventurers. The good thing about it is even if you kill them, they can be revived and do not take any harm on the long run.

2015-08-16 Frontlines PVP 01

What I focused on was capturing these rocks.

Random rocks would start glowing and you can capture them for points. Over time they will disappear and respawn at an other random location. So if you keep enough of them in your posession, you can even get away as the victor while not killing anyone!

2015-08-16 Frontlines PVP 02

While my PvP runs were rather unsuccessful (I actually really tried to be decent and not feed or be bad!), PvP Experts like Jam or Ritz had long obtained Rank 50 and were only pvping cause they were actually enjoying it.

I know, it’s hard to believe…

2015-08-16 Frontlines PVP 03

In the end, we are all in the same boat. Everyone wants to win, but there are 3 groups fighting against each other. So your chance is about 33%. When you take into consideration that the Flames usually lose when I’m there, let’s say the win chance goes down to 10%.

Actually, I have about 10 wins in Seal Rock. And I calculated how many weeks pf pvp (with 3-4 runs per week) I would need to get enough wins for the ADS mount. It added up to years.

2015-08-16 Frontlines PVP 04

At the moment, PvP is not my most favorite thing to do. I even prefer the grind in Diadem! O.O; Well, one day, the ADS mount will eventually be mine ò.ó Just wait, lil giant ball! :D

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