Visgal returns…?

It was one fine day 1,5 months ago when Visgal returned after a long time of absence.

And he returned with style!

2015-09-19 Vis returns 01

Making everyone believe he was but a harmless Chocobo, he suddenly changed into his Ninja outfit and scared lil cats like innocent Leonie! >_<;;

2015-09-19 Vis returns 02

After convincing him that it was not helpful in any way to scare friends AND neighbours, he switched into his One Piece Cosplay.

Not sure what to think about it.

I mean, yes, sure, it’s brilliant.

But… it looks so wrong!

2015-09-19 Vis returns 03

In the end, I became Visgal’s personal massage slave. After all thanks to his brilliant youtube advertizement, my Blog received more visitors!

2015-09-19 Vis returns 04

And now, months later, he’s gone again. Disappeared like an awful Ninja into the shadows.

I’m pretty sure he’s watching us… @_@

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