Magatsu the Shapeshifter: Lalafellicious developments

After working on my Alchemy skills, I finally managed to craft a wonderful Moogle bush for my garden!

My Moogles celebrated big time with me!

2015-09-05 Garden 01

Magatsu came by and inspected my work and my home.

2015-09-05 Garden 02

We went to the Glacial Café next door for some cake and tea. Delicious as always! I can only recommend this small but unique establishment!

2015-09-05 Garden 03

After eating all the cake, we were so full that we fell asleep downstairs in the owner’s bed.

2015-09-05 Garden 04

The next morning, Mag was gone on adventures and I returned to my house to craft a second Moogle bush!

2015-09-05 Garden 05

When suddenly, a Lalafell guy appeared.

2015-09-05 Garden 06

It was Mag! O_O;;;

He had become a Lalafell like me! /hug

2015-09-05 Garden 07

Magsie looked sooo adorable! ö____ö

We spent the evening on the hedge and warched to sunset.

2015-09-05 Garden 08

Eventually, we fell asleep.

2015-09-05 Garden 09

And thus, the adventures of LalaMag and me began.

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