Magatsu the Shapeshifter: Strong and fearless Catboy

It happened very suddenly.

I met Magatsu in town and it took me about 10 seconds to realize that something was different. He suddenly looked super hot! O.O;

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 01

That was when I realized, he had become a catboy again. His shapeshifting nature revealed once more that he was able to switch into any humanoid form he wanted.

When I was about to say how awesome he looked, he suddenly tested out some gearset he had worn as Au Ra Lady.

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 02



2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 03

Miss Rhaqui was able to make him wear some actual hot clothing. ö.ö

You wonder why she’s back here? Well, actually this happened before she traveled into a different dimension.

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 04

Mag and me posed like experts in order to celebrate his new appearance. ö.ö

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 05

We look pretty cool together, in any form Mag is presenting himself to me!

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 06

Though I must say, when he is an adorable catboy and avenging me against the most evil Illuminati, it’s very attractive!!

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 07

We are so awesome together, the Paissa King invited us for tea!

2015-08-29 Mag Catboy 08


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