True Chocobo Hunters

Tailfeather is the home of the Chocobo Hunters. They catch wild chocobos, eat them or tame them. They are actual hunters who live with nature and what nature gives them. And they have a code regarding the Chocobos: Not to make them suffer and only kill what you will eat, not more.

Of course there are some outlaws who put traps out to hurt and catch Chocobos!

2015-08-06 Chocobo Hunters 01

To find these outlaws, the Hunters – always working in pairs – teamed up to find out who is killing the Chocobos for a sport.

2015-08-06 Chocobo Hunters 02

Turns out, it was Magatsu, killing them as Hunt targets.

Haha, just kidding.

It was some douche. He had killed hatchlings (!) and had prepared them as meal.

2015-08-06 Chocobo Hunters 03

The admittedly tasty looking hatchling legs were still warm on that plate…

2015-08-06 Chocobo Hunters 04

That was when my Mioq friend from the hunters made a decision. She would live by the code of the hunters. Not let anything go to waste. Only hunt what you will eat.

2015-08-06 Chocobo Hunters 05

So she ate the hatchling meat.

2015-08-06 Chocobo Hunters 06

I was nearly crying when I saw her with that strong devotion!

Then, they took the scum into custody and I surely hope they will cut his legs off and eat them! Actually, don’t do that. That’s awful. Oh wait, that’s what he did to the hatchlings! <_<;

2015-08-06 Chocobo Hunters 07

So Eorzea has taught me that killing evil persons is okay but killing helpless animals is bad. So as long as someone attacks me, I have the right to kill them? Good to know! ò.ó;


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