The quest to obtain a Thavnairian outfit

Idyllshire is a town in the Dravarian Hinterlands, shared by Goblins and humanoid merchants. Adventurers fullfil quests for the locals and obtain awesome items.

But what’s better than Rowena’s new Thavnairian outfit? I totally knew it when I saw it:

I need to have it!

2015-07-13 Idyllshire Rowena

Mag and me ventured forth in order to find clues about how to obtain it.

We found these lovely ladies in Ul’dah showing off their outfits. They obtained it through the Auction House for gil.

2015-08-22 Thav gear

This was not satisfying. I didn’t want to wear some outfit created by a stranger. Who knows what they have done with it before!!

Mag and me discussed this all in secret: We had to find out how to make it ourselves!

2015-07-26 Mag Airship

For this, I stood near the little Miqo girl in Idyllshire and asked everyone passing by.

2015-09-09 Idyllshire Miqo Girl

At nightly campfires, I gathered information from the locals.

2015-07-13 Idyllshire at night

I gathered and gathered! Nothing would stop me in finding all information needed!

2015-07-13 Idyllshire BTN

Finally, I found out which items are required to craft it. But it was a high level craft that I was not yet able to perform myself. ;_;

So I ran into adventures to gather gil in order to procure all the ingredients.

2015-08-29 Secret treasure

But then I started thinking. Why not make it for free? I could just obtain and craft all items myself and get the raw ingredients from adventures and gathering explorations!

And for those, I needed power!

So I teamed up with the weirdly covered Loxie (y u no show skin?!)

2015-09-02 Loxie Healer

And I met this dragoon who I forgot who it was but he/she impressed me super much that I can only remember this flashy dragon POWARZ:

2015-08-17 DRG POWARZ

I also became super strong myself, being able to carry up to 5x my own body weight!

2015-07-30 Super Lala strength

Then, I received the blessing of a Paladin. ö.ö

2015-09-04 Riiko PLD Ability Holy

Isn’t this enough to finally obtain my awesome Thavnairian outfit? And one for Maggi too maybe?!

Nope, not enough: i had to keep leveling my Weaver and try to obtain Dravanian Silk from super hard Dragonskin treasure maps.

When I asked Ryko and Scott for advice, they were not too helpful.

2015-08-16 Squirrel

Nevertheless, Scott and me look totally fabulous even without the Thavnairian outfit!

2015-08-29 Scott Riiko Fabulous

In the end, I still haven’t obtained that dream armor. :\

Guess i’m no good in making awesome outfits yet. What I’m good at is awkward poses though…

2015-08-20 awkward stuff 01

So I got that going for me which is nice.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Thyla Cassandra
    Nov 17, 2015 @ 12:06:28

    Well first, you should do draginskin maps, we got a few of those during our last runs. Then you need weaver to 60 or you can ask I make you one. It’s not that hard.



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