Kinda delayed: Moonfire Faire – Fun at the Beach?!

Today is Friday the 13th which means that supersticious people believe this day brings bad luck. Funny enough I wouldn’t be alive if this day brought bad luck as my grandfather was born on a Friday the 13th. Or maybe it’s bad luck for all of you that I’m here right now, training my minion army on a daily basis for world domination…?!

Anyway, because I had to check about 15.000 screenshots sonce August, I totally failed to post most of my Moonfire Faire pictures.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 01

All adventurers were invited to enjoy the beach of Gegeruju, famous rich man, owning that place and loving the girls. He and his assistant Loxie approached me at the Moonfire Faire booth. Pirates had been sighted at the beach, scaring th eladies away! O_O;

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 02

Well, I DO understand why they would come to the beach at this time…

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 03

The Lady leading the event from her booth and me managed to locate the Pirate leader. We had a long discussion with him. Turns out, he’s quite the good guy and didn’t mean to scare anyone! In fact, he kinda admires adventurers which is why he came to the event!

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 04

We were like: Yeah right, you came because of the girls!

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 05

Still, we managed to convince him to withdraw his guys for now.

The only thing left to do was clean up the beach as they had left empty rum bottles and other trash!

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 06

For this task, I called my friends from EA to help out.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 09

We even had minions carrying stuff away!

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 07

Finally, with great effort our part was done and the rest was left to be cleaned by the other adventurer roaming on the beach.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 10

It was an awesome celebration time!

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 08

Some time later, the ladies were able to enjoy the tidy and clean beach in peace.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 11

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 12

A little Lala recognized that I was an adventurer and stared at me with her big eyes.

How did she know? Did the giant blue text floating above my head give me away?

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 13

At the same time, The Rising was taking place in Ul’dah. That’s when I saw this lady.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 14

It was clearly Milfi!

Even if she was wearing some old fashioned clothes that were maybe modern 5+ years ago, I totally recognized her.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 15

Nope, it’s too late Milfi! You are secretly working while everyone thinks you’re gone! Gotcha!!

She sold me lots of new fireworks for cheap and asked me to tell nobody.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 16

This firework is gigantic! O.O;

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 18

It’s so big and powerful, I fall over when using it! @.@

Still, it’s so much fun to use it!

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 17

I used it all the time, whenever I saw one of my friends.

Trem, Ritz and Ryko were not amused.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 19

They banned me on the sidewalk and watched over me. Guarded by Scott and Thyla, I was not allowed to use the Heavenscracker anymore ;___;

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 20

Later, Mag cheered me up in a romantic date at the beach.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 21

He said, he had a surprise for me.

What might that be? I mean, he was already 95% naked!

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 22

He took me for a ride at the beach of Costa del Sol, riding through the soft waves while watching the sunrise.

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 23

It was awesome!

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 24

At some point, it started raining. We were very sad and disappointed that we had to stop the date at this point. ;_;

2015-08-11 Moonfire Faire 25

And that, my dearies, was the Moonfire Faire 2 months ago.

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