Trem, the Ancient White Mage

Tremaine is one of the most Ancient members of our Asylum. He’s one of the leading personnel, making sure nobody goes too crazy.

He’s also a great White Mage.

Due to his wisdom, I kinda look up to his healing skills. Until he shows off with his Giant Gryphon and his Giant Relic weapon and his Giant wisdom. <.<

2015-08-16 Mount Gryphon Trem

Still, he makes sure, I’m doing alright as healer ò.óV

2015-07-22 Trem

Trem crafts a lot. He’s an all lv60 master crafter. Sometimes, he uses suspicious methods to craft.

I’m not a master crafter yet, but I’m pretty sure, you’re not supposed to use dark magic to craft!! “o_´´o

2015-08-04 Trem Crafting

Sometimes, we heal together. I like being Trem’s healing partner. He’s reliable and I know that when I switched to Cleric Stance the moment the tank gets smashed with big stuff, he’ll make up for it until I can switch back.

2015-08-16 Trem Healing

Trem is not only an experienced White Mage but also a decent tank. Sometimes, he MPKs me when he’s tank swapping, but that’s okay. The time he’s not dead or MPKing, he is keeping hate against anything and anyone. Except the other night in that new Saint Poisonforestbeehive dungeon.

We did a lot of Ex Primal farming but I was always too excited or too dead to think of taking pictures… But the MPKing looked somewhat like that:

Paint-2015-11-09 Trem Tanking


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tremainesworld
    Nov 20, 2015 @ 00:40:08

    Aww thanks Riiko! I do try my best to mpk you as often as possible, mostly through lack of situational awareness (in my defence you are very small!) or because I’m so busy trying to catch up with something i missed!



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