Scholar: The end of the curse?!

Master S seemed happy with the progress the Marauders made and informed us about something terrible.

Dark auras had been found all around Camp Bronze Lake. Creatures of the void were coming through the gates that had slowly appeared all over ever since we found that pot with the dark aura…

2015-08-03 SCH 01

Together with Eos, I located those auras, those portals and banished them!

2015-08-03 SCH 02

Sometimes, sinister foes had already breached through and with the help of the strongest Marauders we slayed them in order to then seal the portals!

2015-08-03 SCH 03

They were everywhere in town and some looked very scary. @.@;;

Big Slime is watching you, wherever you are! x_____x; IKKKSS!!

2015-08-03 SCH 04

Finally, there was only one portal left. It was the biggest one.

Alka asked Eos to do her magic.

2015-08-03 SCH 05

So Eos danced in the sky…

2015-08-03 SCH 06

…and revealed a terrible monster of the void.

The people of the land who had been enjoying the hot springs suddenly ran away in pure panic.

Why they were not running away before when I was fighting the smaller monsters…? I have no idea!

2015-08-03 SCH 07

Anyway! We were ready to fight the monster!

2015-08-03 SCH 08

It was a hard fight and he kept casting curses on everyone. Curses that would turn them into Tonberries! O_O;

No problem, I had the Leeches spell at hand which would remove the curse if cast in time!

Sergeant T and Master S also rushed to our aid.

2015-08-03 SCH 09

In the end, the foe was weakened a lot and Eos and me were able to banish it.

2015-08-03 SCH 10

It dissolved into light.

2015-08-03 SCH 11

The source of the curse was gone for good… but the Tonberries still remained Tonberries. D:

2015-08-03 SCH 12

The Tonberries seemed to be fine witht heir fate. As long as nobody else would be cursed and turned, they would live their lives in their current states.

And honestly, they do look quite cute!

2015-08-03 SCH 13

Master S gave me a parchment with a new technique that would allow me to absorb my fairy’s power and become a SUPER HEALER!

2015-08-03 SCH 14

Scholar Magic: MASTERED!!

P.S. I wouldn’t mind having the skill to temporarily turn into a Tonberry. I’m sure it would be a hell lot of fun!

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