Scholar: Investigating the Tonberry Curse

I’m sure you all remember Surito Carito.

You surely also remember that I don’t remember names.

Yes, I looked his name up. Guess I’ll keep calling him Master S!

2015-06-19 SCH HW 01

We were summoned to Master S’s side. Our task was to find the root of the curse that turned him and his people into Tonberries – and to lift it. Or maybe just destroy the source.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 02

I discovered ancient stone tablets with inscriptions telling about the plague.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 03

Master S was very happy about my findings. While he investigated, I trained.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 04

Actually, Alka-Zolka trained with me. Together we fought Golems and other dangerous foes to strengthen our teamwork.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 05

On those training sessions, we suddenly came across some dark object. It was Eos – or Lily – who suddenly sensed this dark aura.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 06

It was a pot, emitting a sinister aura. What could I do but to bring it to Master S?

2015-06-19 SCH HW 07

He was surprisedbut pleased with our great finding!

2015-06-19 SCH HW 08

Wait what!

Did he just say… transform?!

Was this the source of the curse?

2015-06-19 SCH HW 09

Would Alka and me turn into Tonberries, too?!

Before, we could properly panic, the famous Halga Tolga appeared.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 10

Well, I didn’t know him but he seemed famous among the Marauders. He turned out to be Alka’s biggest idol!

2015-06-19 SCH HW 11

Sergeant T trained us and taught Alka a lot of abilities to support our fight against the curse.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 12

That was when I suddenly came across a Mamool Ja who I was told to laugh at.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 13

He wasn’t pleased :\

As he tried to kill me, I had no choice but to knock him out. If he awakens, he might come after me again but so be it.

The way he talks is way too entertaining to actually kill him.

Sergeant T praised our ways of fighting. Alka was super motivated and eager to learn new things every day!

2015-06-19 SCH HW 14

He trained day and night with his Marauder buddies under Sergeant T’s strict training plan.

2015-06-19 SCH HW 15

Will this really help us lift the curse of the Tonberries? o.ô

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