Summoner: How I became a Primal

Y’mithra took me on a field trip. She had made an other appointment with our Ascian friend.

2015-08-03 SMN 01

He appeared but this time, he brought some of his friends :\

2015-08-03 SMN 02

No problem!! Y’mithra told me to use my Bahamut powers.

2015-08-03 SMN 03

So I unleashed the powers that were slumbering within me…

2015-08-03 SMN 04

I flew into the air, surrounded by the most powerful aura that I had ever felt near me.

2015-08-03 SMN 05

I concentrated and gathered all this power to use Bahamut’s most powerful attack.


2015-08-03 SMN 06

The Ascian died.

He actually was killed. He didn’t jump into an other body, he was actually defeated for good.

2015-08-03 SMN 07

I also learned a new ability: Levitate.

2015-08-03 SMN 08

Y’mithra was super happy!

2015-08-03 SMN 09

Pretty sure, she was just being nice to me so that I wouldn’t AKH MORN her for not teaching me how to summon the other primals.

For now, I’d be happy with using Bahamut’s power and becoming a temporary primal myself.

But postponed is not erased! I will expect to receive the other primals soon.

2015-08-03 SMN 10

The first thing I got for myself was the SMN Horn that they had for sale in Idyllshire.

2015-08-03 SMN 11

You wonder what it’s good for?

Well, you will see soon enough… /chuckle

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