Summoner: Obtaining new Egis! FINALLY!

Y’mithra was my friend.

Or so I thought when she was talking about teaching me how to summon Ramuh.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 01

But there was something very unexpected.

Her lead, her training, her strategy just DID NOT WORK.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 02

I could not summon Ramuh.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 03

She directly gave up.

Okay… Thanks. <.<;

I was clearly pissed off and I let her know it all night long.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 04

She also would not teach me how to summon Leviathan or any other Primal.

That was when some awful Roga from Ul’dah approached us.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 05

There had been sightings of Ifrit.

Which is nothing really surprising as there are many Summoners out there, fighting with him.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 06

But it seemed like a lot of People of the Land still weren’t used to the summons of Adventurers.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 07

He clearly panicked when I summoned my lil Ifrit.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 08

Feel my Summoner powers, person of the Land!! Feel and fear them! AS I AM ONLY ABLE TO SUMMON 3 OF THE MANY PRIMALS IN EORZEA!

I’m so scary, intimidating, awesome.


2015-06-19 SMN HW 09

Now, I was angry again. This was unacceptable.

What would Y’mithra do about it?

2015-06-19 SMN HW 10

She actually had a plan:

2015-06-19 SMN HW 11

She was suggesting that I should become a primal – temporatily.

Sounds good to me. :D

We went to the pvp area.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 12

She had arranged a meeting with an Ascian.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 13

The Ascian was able to have 3 Primals summoned at the same time, but it were “only” Ifrit, Garuda and Titan, no sign of Ramuh, Levi, Shiva or maybe even Odin.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 14

Still I could feel how the Allagan plates started glowing and resonating every time I defeated one of the Ascian Primals. He resummoned them, sure, but I proceeded to absorb the power from the Allagan plates.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 15

In the end, the Ascian gave up and took a break from us. I was getting kinda hungry as well.

2015-06-19 SMN HW 16

At least Y’mithra now told me how I was able to command Bahamut.

By absorbing power from other primals through suspicious Allagan technology. Okay…?!

2015-06-19 SMN HW 17

I felt strong for sure but I still didn’t really summon Bahamut yet… <.<; Was kinda worried he might take over the world if I did. After all, I still haven’t beaten T13 yet.

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