Black Mage: We’re Team Black Mage!

I trained my skills and spells so that I would always be in control of my power.

Sometimes, I needed guinea pigs to test my spells on. Luckily, Rhaqui volounteered to help me out sometimes.

(No cats were harmed during my training!)

2015-06-19 BLM HW 16

Powerful magic needs a powerful caster. I am the MOST POWERFUL OUT THERE!

2015-06-19 BLM HW 14

You may think, why is that lil Lala saying, she’s so strong? I’m way stronger cause I have cleared such and such content.

Well, I will show you.

Together with Lalai, I fought my way through a bunch of lost souls…

2015-08-06 BLM 01

We finally got through to their leader. He surely had no fashion sense…

2015-08-06 BLM 02

But he was going to summon a demon from the void.

Lalai tried to convince him not to do this! It’s super dangerous, especially if you’re summoning it alone…

2015-08-06 BLM 03

But he was there, laughing in his awful outfit, summoning a beast to control and take over the world.

2015-08-06 BLM 04

It was a beast indeed but it really wasn’t that scary. I mean, it didn’t look half as strong as Bahamut.

2015-08-06 BLM 05

And I had strong allies by my side. Z’dude was finally convinced to help us true Black mages out!

2015-08-06 BLM 06

And then there were my Beastmen buddies!

2015-08-06 BLM 07

Together, we fought against the foe who had knocked out that awful BLM who had summoned him. What a Loser.

Now it was up to us to defeat the foe.

2015-08-06 BLM 09

Needless to say, we slayed it.

2015-08-06 BLM 10

And then, suddenly, Z’dude was doing something very unexpected.

2015-08-06 BLM 12

He healed the Loser Black Mage.

2015-08-06 BLM 13

Why? Because he was needed to make a statement before the judge!

In the end, Z’dude is a good guy. A little annoying but good.

2015-08-06 BLM 14

So I finished my BLM training and am now a full Black Mage with immense powers!

What makes me the strongest are my reliable Beastmen friends. ò.ó Without friends, one is not only alone but also way weaker than when you’re fighting beside your trusted friends!


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