Black Mage: The Deathbringer?!

I couldn’t be bother to keep savong my AST teacher so I decided to stick to the cool people. Like Lalai, my BLM mentor. She’s always pretty cool.

2015-06-19 BLM HW 01

We went to check out some stuff and found an empty chest. Obviously this was really bad because something was supposed to be in there. @.@;; Did a demon escape?!

2015-06-19 BLM HW 02

Some Z’dude, a Conjurer who thought he’s something special, approached us. There were people who tried to master the art of destruction. They sounded rather dangerous as they were dealing with immense powers, they couldn’t handle.


2015-06-19 BLM HW 03

So we got a call from our Kobolt BLM buddy as he was being threatened by said people.

I rushed in an nuked them down. They were beyond saving – some dark power had taken over and was controlling them.

2015-06-19 BLM HW 04

Z’dude was making a scene. Why I had killed them…. He needed them for questioning… Well, too late <.<;

At least my Kobolt friend was thankful.

2015-06-19 BLM HW 05

He taught me some cool spell.

Z’dude was not amused.

2015-06-19 BLM HW 06

I tried out my spell immediately. Leylines.

You see this suspicious looking summoning circle within the bubbl, right? That’s mine! I cast faster when standing in it but unfortunately it has the hidden ability to attract more enemy AOE attacks so that you have to move out of it and maybe even interrupt your casting.

2015-06-19 BLM HW 07

Next, I saved my Ixali BLM friend. Z’dude was raging again that I had killed the attackers. <.<

2015-06-19 BLM HW 08

Even my Ixali friend tried to explain that they had lost control over their powers and were lost to start with.

2015-06-19 BLM HW 09

I returned to town. This Z’dude wasn’t very smart, was he? Those people had killed themselves by being weak, overestimating their power and giving in to the evil.

I would never do that. I’m my own master! ò_ó/

2015-06-19 BLM HW 10

I’m the invincible Black Mage Riiko. My pet owl is a symbol of wisdom. They only sit on people with immense wisdom ò.óV

2015-06-19 BLM HW 11

I’m also super dangerous. While my minion army is growing (only missing 7 available minions of which I will probably never get 2 due to old promotion activities), I am also getting stronger myself every day.

2015-06-19 BLM HW 12

And then I got a call from Z’dude. He was in trouble and I had to save him…

What a fool.

2015-06-19 BLM HW 13

At least he seemed to slowly understand that not all Black Mages and all black magic was bad and evil.


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