One does not simply kidnap an AST

With all the fighting and conspiracies going on, Leava, the AST guild leader and my teacher decided to trust an employee of the star watching tower people.

2015-07-24 AST 01

Not the smartest thing if you ask me, especially since she looked exactly like the pirate lady. <.<;

2015-07-24 AST 02

Anyway, I got shown another stellar constellation: THE CARROT!

2015-07-24 AST 03

I was wrong. It was the ewer.

2015-07-24 AST 04

For this, I had to take special, private lessons with our leader so that I would get better in this… :\

2015-07-24 AST 05

After some weeks, I was finally taken to the field again.

Turns out, the lady that we had trusted with a map had set her plans in motion to kidnap Leava!

2015-07-24 AST 06

The guards took her away.

We wouldn’t be Astrologians, if we didn’t follow her.

2015-07-24 AST 07

She was all chained up, but we slowly lured guard by guard away so that their numbers decreased bit by bit.

2015-07-24 AST 08

In the end, we stopped the kidnappers as they tried to boat their airship!

2015-07-24 AST 09

Nobody will steal away my masters!!

They shall pay with their LIVES! “o_´´o

2015-07-24 AST 10

We fought with the powers of the stars and the universe.


2015-07-24 AST 11

After Leava was safe and the kidnappers dead, I was taught another stellar constellation:

THE HEART (with a little star at the bottom, wandering off to the east…)

2015-07-24 AST 12


Yeah, right. That’s totally not a spear if you actually look at the stars. A spear is straight. The stars are very much not in a straight line. <_<

2015-07-24 AST 13

Nevertheless I was taken to the observatorium and their leader apologized for the spy within his ranks.

2015-07-24 AST 14

I learned new spells and skills and stuff.

2015-07-24 AST 15

Next, I went to the Wolves’ Den to buy a really awesome weapon: Owls on a stick!

2015-07-24 AST 16

It’s like the most adorable AST weapon out there ö.ö

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  1. SPX
    Nov 03, 2015 @ 15:07:13

    I can totally see the carrot, the heart… not so much.



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