Training with Master AST Rhaqui

A while ago, my Master Astrologian Rhaqui taught me many thing in astrology. She’s a great card reader and can decifer all the stellar constelations. This is where I struggle the most.

2015-07-07 AST 01

So she trained me and taught me many things. ö.ö

2015-07-07 AST 01-1

As a test, she sent me on a mission to catch an imposer that pretended to be the AST Lady from Ishgard! O.O

2015-07-07 AST 02

With the help of the Rogues, I manages to identify the right one and judge the wrong ones!!

2015-07-07 AST 03

In the end, this awful pirate lady was behind this whole thing! She seemed to wanna make our lives miserable for her own amusement…

2015-07-07 AST 04

Not long after, the Yellowjackets appeared and the evil pirate lady fled.

2015-07-07 AST 05

The AST Lady from Ishgard showed me another star constellation, and this time, I clearly recognized it!

It was all thanks to my training with Rhaqui.


2015-07-07 AST 06

And I was even right. Although the real stellar constelation looked kinda more impressive than what I had seen in the sky…

2015-07-07 AST 07

I told all my friends about my awesome achievement. Even Chaosi was super impressed.

2015-07-08 Chaosi 01

He wanted to learn from me, from my vast knowledge and eternal power! ö.ö

Of course, I would not deny him his request! If he only showed up to the training lessons… but he’s nowhere to be seen lately :\

2015-07-08 Chaosi 02

Please note: He did not exactly say that but he did bow. <.<;


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