Bismarck Ex: Deathventures

In the Rising Stones, there was some really suspicious robed child waiting for me, trying to sell me some battle access. Just like Urianger used to do in the Waking sands.

I was like: Wow, kid, step back!!

That was when Urianger joined and explained, that this was his child which was following in his footsteps. It was no shady person at all, so I should trust that lil rascal.

2015-06-30 Bismarck Ex 01

Fine, I accepted the challenge.

It was an extremely hard fight against Bismarck.

2015-07-11 Bismarck Ex 01

You thought the fight you had experienced before was hard? lolnope, it wasn’t.

This was the real deal.

“Small mistake, big wipe” is the motto of this one.

Attacking the wrong enemy? Take damage and die.

Step into one of the hundred AOEs that occur? Take damage.

Tank swap necessary but you were too slow? Wipe the group with AOEs.

See weather wrong? Get kicked off or die or wipe. Or all of it.

Not enough DPS? Wipe.

Healers don’t help with DPS? Maybe they are busy keeping everyone alive who steps into AOEs or attacks the wrong enemy and gets smashed thanks to that.

2015-07-11 Bismarck Ex 02

We had a solid and reliable group. It couldn’t go wrong, right?

2015-07-11 Bismarck Ex 05


2015-07-11 Bismarck Ex 03

Moar Death.

2015-07-25 Bismarck Ex Death 01

It was Akhen who had made a pact with the Vanu Vanu.

They killed everyone but him.

He had betrayed all of us, sold our souls to the Vanu birdies! He had even betrayed Nef, his own wife!!

But it turned out, he had done it for the greater good: Thanks to this secret pact, we defeated Bismarck.

2015-07-11 Bismarck Ex 04

So with this pact, we managed to beat this awful Primal and never had to face him again.


Except to help our fellow LS mates to beat him up, too…

Dark times are about to come. Little do they know: They will only win if they sell their souls to the Vanu Vanu…

(It wasn’t actually like that but it sounded like much more fun to tell it like that… Also, that kid doesn’t seem to be Urianger’s son, but spreading rumors is just too much fun to not mention that thought!)

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