Alexander: A Gobciting Adventure

Spending a lot of time in Idyllshire lead to helping out the Goblins every day.

This time, it was a very different request. This time, we needed the help of the Goblins who were actually eager to help us in return.

2015-07-08 Alexander 01

Cid turned out to be an expert in sweettalking the Goblins in a language that they would understand easily.

Calling the Illuminati “horrible” and me “Uplander”, made him instant best friends with them.

Smart of Cid.

2015-07-08 Alexander 02

Anyway, our goal was to remove the barrier from that huge machine thing in the lake outside Idyllshite.

2015-07-08 Alexander 03

After a bit of searching, we found out that what looked like a machine hand was actually sticking out of the barrier so we only needed to enter it.

For some reason, we needed some glowstone. I didn’t know too much about technical stuff but Cid and his guys were expert so I trusted them.

With my adventurer and cuteness skills, I convinced Roundox, who had found this Glowstone and added it to her treasures, to lend me this stone.

2015-07-08 Alexander 03-1

As I was watching Biggs and Wedge install some device, an Au Ra lady approached us.

She told us, she was investigating the machine too. It was Alexander, the Primal of the Goblins – or rather of the Illuminati. In exchange for some information about how to open the latch at the arm of Alexander, we allowed her to join us in our exploration quest.

2015-07-08 Alexander 04

The hatch opened!!

2015-07-08 Alexander 05

So we accessed the metal giant.

2015-07-08 Alexander 06

It was lighted up and steam evaded through pipes.

2015-07-08 Alexander 07

Weirdly enough, the place seemed full functional and sent our machines to fight us intruders! O.O;

2015-07-08 Alexander 08

They also had this super awesome giant slide!

2015-07-08 Alexander 08-2

Sliii~~~~de…… JUMP!

Mag and me looked fabulous.

Ok, only Mag looked fabulous. I looked very swiftless.

2015-07-08 Alexander 43

Didn’t matter. We faced the enemies with pride, power and perfect tactics.

2015-07-08 Alexander 09

The machines were massive!

2015-07-08 Alexander 10

There was no end to the amount of protective machines which kept attacking us relentlessly.

2015-07-08 Alexander 11

In the end, we beat them up and checked if we could find some treasure.

2015-07-08 Alexander 12

While checking, the Illuminati gang ganged up on us!

2015-07-08 Alexander 13

The Au Ra lady directly drew her gun! O_O;;

2015-07-08 Alexander 14

I tried to have a conversation with them, but they were like “WE’RE GONNA CRUSH UPLANDERS AND GOBLINS! THE CHEESE IS OURS!”

2015-07-08 Alexander 15

The Au Ra lady had a very short temper, and the Illuminati would come to learn about it the hard way.

2015-07-08 Alexander 16

Don’t mess with us, okay?!

2015-07-08 Alexander 17

The cheese is ours.


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