The Help for our friends in need: Chocobo Killer and Vanu Vanu Amusement Park

As there was no word from Tataru regarding our missing friends, I decided to help people in need.

I saved a little coeurl kitten from a roof top. The owner was very thankful but…

2015-06-22 HW Sidequests 01

Right. It’s a cat, not a coeurl. Totally…

Well, you’ll see and learn to trust Lalas in the future.

Next up, I helped Chocobos. Injured and even dead Chocobos had been found here and there! Someone was hunting them! O_O;

2015-06-22 HW Sidequests 02

Together with Q’yantaa, I tried to find out what had happened. She belonged to a tribe of Chocobo hunters in Tailfeather.

They didn’t “just hunt” Chocobos. They lived side by side with them. While they also hunted Chocobos, they ensured to only kill as much as needed to survive themselves. This way, there was no over-population of chocobos while at the same time, there were enough… idk… somehow it still felt wrong to me to kill a chocobo at all. ;_;

But it was their way of life and they honored the Chocobos and thanked them for all they did for the tribe.

2015-06-22 HW Sidequests 03

We found out that someone was luring chocobos with Gysaal Greens and they contained poison or there were traps that killed them.

Q’girl’s problem was, that she had no Hunting partner. It was custom that you’d always hunt in pairs.

So she tried to make some dude become her partner.

2015-06-22 HW Sidequests 04

Maybe not the best strategy. He was totally creeped out and declined her request.

Also, we couldn’t find many more clues about the Chocobo killer. Q’girl promised, she would research and call me once she found a hint.

Meanwhile, I trained my little fat Chocobo to fly.

For that, I installed a super tasty piece of cake.

2015-06-22 HW Sidequests 05

I was very surprised, lil fatty actually flew O_O; Guess he has really strong wings ò.óV

That’s my boy! :D

The other day I was called for help by the Vanu Vanu. The chief told me they were menaced by a terrible wyrm!

2015-06-30 Neverreap 01

Was it Nidhogg?! O_O;

I quickly entered a place they called Neverreap. It was full of dangerous creatures and somehwere, a Wyrm was living and frequently attacking the Vanus.

2015-06-30 Neverreap 02

This place was like an amusement park for the Vanus. You could use air currents to jump from island to island.

I must admit that it was a lot of fun! ö.ö

2015-06-30 Neverreap 03

Despite the dangerous enemies, the islands looked very pretty. I totally understand why the Vanus want them back.

2015-06-30 Neverreap 04

I watched the sunset under a lonely tree. It was beautiful.

2015-06-30 Neverreap 05

Proceeding through the islands, some Vanu dude was trying to stop us. He had made a deal with the enemy so that he could live on the islands!

2015-06-30 Neverreap 08

We scared him away with out immense powers.

Next, we arrived at a beautiful pons with water lilies and all. It was so pretty!

At the other side, I could see the cave where the wyrm was living!

2015-06-30 Neverreap 06

We quickly crossed the water and fought the deadly foe.

It was not Nidhogg. It was just some winged serpant who was giving us a hard time.

2015-06-30 Neverreap 07

Needless to say, we slayed it and freed the area of the evil creatures.

The Vanu thanked us for bringing their amusement park back into their posession. Now, Vanu families could go there again! :D

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