The Help for our friends in need: Mogleo’s Pomguard Dream

It is well known that I am a good friend of the Moogles.

When I received the request to help a little Moogle, I couldn’t decline.

Mogleo had a dream. He wanted to join the Pomguard. For this, he had to earn the respect of the other Moogles and show strength, bravery and skill.

As he was still unsure, I was to support him.

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 01

The most important task was to collect Kuponuts.

Moogles love them. They’d do anything for them.

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 02

With Mogleo, I traveled through the Churning Mists, accepting quests from other Moogles, slaying enemies of the Moogles and guiding lost Moogles home.

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 03

After hours of work that I had done for Mogleo, he was like:

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 04

Okay… great… <.<; Let’s go I guess.

That was when we found a Moogle, lying on the ground without moving!

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 05

Just to be sure, we brought the Mogle back to Moghome. There, also another Moogle was sick and I provided them with a roof that could be used for a medicine.

Seems something like the flu was going around.

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 06

The next day, Mogleo and me found an injured Pomguard Moogle in the middle of nowhere!

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 07

As he was on the brink of death, there was no choice: we had to get some Kuponuts quickly, or the Moogle would die!

While I was searching for them, Mogleo sayed with him to make sure he’s ok and not attacked by enemies!

I returned with the nuts and the Pomguard Moogle survived.

It was really easy to save Moogles O.O;

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 08

The Pommoogle lead us back to Moghome. There, the Pomguard Moogle officially thanked Mogleo.

And that wasn’t all.

They promoted Mogleo to a Pomguard Moogle!

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 09

At first, he couldn’t believe it had happened, but his dream had come true!

Mogleo celebrated with the Moogles all night.

The next day, he called me (I had not been invited to the celebrations…) and needed my help again on his first mission.

2015-06-23 Moogle Sidequests 10

Sure, Mogleo was now a Pomguard Moogle, but he still was as unsure as always. With a little bit of support, his skills shined and he showed excellent work as Pomguard Moogle! ö.ö

Well done, Mogleo!


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