The Search for our missing friends: Gilly

Back at the Foretemps manor, Tataru promised to keep out an eye for hints of our missing friends. I’m sure she’ll hear something!

2015-06-29 Heavensward Story 3-0 82

A day later, she told me that Wedge wanted to see me.

Wedgy looked really excited.

2015-06-30 Gilly 01

You did what! <.<;

Not only did he sneak Gilly out, he also made me go to some really awful place in order to find some allagan part that he needed to restore Gilly! O_O; I couldn’t say no. I admittedly missed her too.

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 01

The place I had to go contained a lot of creatures that had obviously been experimented on ages ago.

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 02

As they were still alive, they came out to attack me when I got close. So I ran away and called Mag. With him, I felt a lot safer.

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 03

We fought our way through the area.

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 04

And then, we activated some keys and somehow I found the item that Wedge wanted to have.

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 05

I rushed back – never wanting to go back to that hell hole – and gave the item to Wedge.

He quickly did some engineering stuff, when suddenly:

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 06

And then:

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 07

She turned on and recognized us! OMG!! O_O;

Gilly was back! And the was happy to be with us again.

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 08

Wedge had big plans for Gilly. He wanted Gilly to see the worls and join me on my adventures.

I wasn’t sure if this was the best idea since Wedge liked her so much.

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 09

But in the end, I agreed and promised to take Gilly on my adventures.

2015-06-30 Fractal Continuum 11

I took her with me everywhere. I presented her to my friends, so she would learn how to be nice, social… and maybe she’d make friends on her own! ö.ö

2015-06-30 Gilly 03

Sometimes, I’d return to the Allagan Island to recharge her and make backups of her data – so that in case something happened to her, Wedge could restore her last backup and she could stay with us forever :D

2015-06-30 Gilly 02

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