EuroAsylum: The FC Airship Project

At the same time of my arrival in Ishgard, the housing area responsibles decided to release an Airship workshop add-on for all the Free Company houses.

A while ago, we held and event to build our very own airship.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 01

Many people had gathered for this exciting moment.

And it was in my hands to buy the Airship workshop.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 02

It was a big moment.

The workshop looked like a machine room with strange devices and all.

It tool a while to read all the manuals in order to understand what was going on.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 03

But then, we started our airship project: Crafting 4 basic parts for our first ship.

Everyone was busy crafting.

I felt so happy seeing everyone work together! ö.ö

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 04

We made EXCELLENT progress all the time.

Thanks to all you master crafters <3

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 05

Of course, everyone did outstanding work, as the Airship Construction device confirmed.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 06

Then, the great moment of finalizing our first Airship had arrived.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 07

I called it “Riiko’s Supership”.

And it was awesome.

Thanks everyone for your great work!

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 08

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the story.

I know, it’s very disappointing, but Jam had an idea that everyone agreed to in the end.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 09-1

So the name Starjact was chosen.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 09-2

Unfortunately, the group had undermined my authority and used a wrong letter for my name.

THERE IS NO T IN RIIKO! ;O; (which I only realized later)

Nevertheless, the Airship vent on its first voyage and my command!

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 10

Our loyal Mammet was steering the ship, enjoying the freedom to explore new lands.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 11

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 12

That was when Visgal made his big appearance.

He had magically be turned into an Au Ra – and he looked hot!!

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 13

Everyone was totally into Vis and wanted to touch him – or at least be on the same photo as Vis.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 14

When Vis had FINALLY left again, everyone followed and I could study future airship plans at our planning board.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 15

Working on the next projects, I made secret plans for a second airship, which I secretly handed to Ritz, Jam and Lyssa.

2015-07-04 EA FC Airship 16

They managed to built the next generation of Airships.

We called it:

Sadness Engine.

Short SE.

Because SE makes us very sad.

By now, our Starjact is already Rank 50 and is exploring the highest tier sectors. Sadness Engine is around Rank 25 and still leveling up while providing us with items.

Both are working well and are upgraded on a frequent basis. Except SE. SE is at the highest upgrade status, according to our Airship Master Lyssa.

If you have any questions about the Airship, Lyssa is your expert to ask any question!

Please note: You might have observed how there is a small node in many of the pictures above. Next week, it will be revealed who this is and why this is accompanying me!


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