Shadowrun: Ben Bauer’s first appearance

So, Chaosi and Ryko are like Shadowrun experts. Shadowrun is a Pen&Paper game that already exists for decades.

They thought it would be great to introduce Scott and me to it too.

So today, we will be playing it all day!

Chaosi prepared our Character sheets and we chose some basic things about our characters who are like normal people, just entering the shadows of the world for various reasons.

Our Shadowrun takes place in Germany, Essen (I think). That’s the town we all know.

My character is called Ben Bauer. He’s just a normal healer (no boss or anything) working for a big corporation. Super correct, tidy and nice.

Some time ago, he found a little Orc girl on the streets who had no home so he took her in like he was her dad.

Ben wants to adopt her so that she has like, a real dad and can attend school etc. But the adoption request was rejected!! So his only choice is to go into the shadows and get some fake adoption papers and entries in the system – probably by hackers. For this, he saved some money – which he is carrying with him at a secret spot nobody will think of.

This is how I imagine him and the little girl.

2015-08-20 Shadowrun Chara

Of course, he is really naive and believes in the good of each person he comes across. Wouldn’t be surprising if the money he took with him to pay someone to arrange the adoption would be stolen…

Scott’s character is some kind of performer, the so-called face of the group.

Ryko is keeping her character a secret. Aka hasn’t decided yet.

Looking forward to the fun! ö.ö


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