Quest Accepted: Forever alone

Have you ever noticed how in Heavensward Quests, the People of the Land will leave you standing there alone like an idiot after you accept their quests?

2015-06-21 Quest Accepted 01

Never noticed it?

Well, I tell you, look closer. It happened all the time to me.

2015-06-21 Quest Accepted 02

It’s like:

NPC: “Help me adventurer! OMG PLZ!!”

Me: “Alright :3”

NPC: “kthxbye” *runs away*

Me: “…”

2015-06-21 Quest Accepted 03

Do they really appreciate my help? I’m not too sure. I mean, the gil reward is ridiculously low and sometimes you get food etc, which they could have come across easily. <.<; They look thankful in the end, but idk… <___<

2015-07-05 Quest Accepted 04

Maybe it’s me?

I know for sure that Goblins are the kindest people ever. They do not leave me alone after I agree to help them.

Good Guy Goblins!

2015-07-05 Quest Accepted 05

Do I smell? ;_;

It would make sense cause only the Goblins don’t run away. :\


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Dan
    Sep 11, 2015 @ 18:04:36

    Let’s see, you are constantly surrounded by corpses – some I’m sure you helped create, and you ask if you smell? Take a bath once and a while.



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