Path of the White Mage: Do something for a change!

During my adventures in Ishgard, I progressed in my White Mage skills.

My teachers Senna-something and eh… Well, the WHM siblings introduced me to the direct ancestor of the legendary White mage whose old Artifact Armor I had received ages ago. This ancestor was a girl called… um…

I’m not good with names. Let’s call her An(cestor)-chan.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 01

An-chan was a Lancer and pretty straight-forward. She would critisize when something wasn’t ok.

I like that. You know exactly what’s ok and what not.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 02

Together, we fought to close dark corrupted portals through which voidsent enemies traveled to our world.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 03

It wasn’t normal for those portals to appear so randomly, so after some investigation, we discovered an Au Ra woman who was actually opening these portals by corrupting the area or something.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 05

She seemed really emo.

Of course we would assume, she was a bad person when she allowed dangerous creatures to come to Eorzea from a different, dark dimension!

2015-06-19 WHM HW 06

She even corrupted my dear Phoenix and I had to cleanse him again.

As WHM Expert this is an easy task. Still, I was pretty annoyed about what the did to lil Phoenix ;_;

2015-06-19 WHM HW 07

Things escalated. So many portals had been opened that the local soldiers got injured badly. Of course, I could heal them and close the portals but this wouldn’t solve the problem.

The awful Au Ra would just continue to open them again.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 08

What to do?

An-chan had an idea: The WHM siblings should do something for a change.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 09

After these accusations, An-chan rushed off.

For the first time, I felt like finally someone understood how I felt.

Riiko do this, do that, help with this, ohhh you are so helpful, our hero….

Yes, a hero indeed while all you people of the land just stand there and be lazy!

Silence spread between the WHM siblings, and I suddenly shouted:

“I couldn’t agree more!!”

…and then, I ran off.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 10

An-chan actually waited for me and as we were now best buddies, she taught me new abilities that had been passed down as secret techniques in her family.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 04

So I learned Aero III which is a power AoE Aero! It’s effect is massive:

2015-06-19 WHM HW 11

A few days later, An-chan and me were summoned to Tailfeather.

The WHM Siblings had traveled ther on their own to show us they understood what our problems were and that they would helpt us for a change.

I was surprised and happy. Finally!

2015-06-19 WHM HW 12

Ah, Eschiva, that’s An-chan’s actual name.

I’ll stick to An-chan.

Anyway, thanks to the WHM siblings, we were able to locate the sinister aura of the Au Ra.

She had a pet dragon. o.o

2015-06-19 WHM HW 13

Turns out, nobody accepted her pet dragon as a friend and everyone just tried to kill it when they came across it.

The Au Ra was just looking for a place to live with her pet happily ever after…

But for this specific demon-dragon to live, it needed to feed off the dark power of the portals!

2015-06-19 WHM HW 14

We couldn’t let this happen!

It was more important to secure the safety of all Eorzea than to save this Au Ra’s pet friend.

2015-06-19 WHM HW 15

After an intense battle – yes, An-chan and the WHM siblings joined me in the fight – we defeated the dragon and the Au Ra became super emo. I really felt bad for her, but the dragon didn’t really do anything friendly to her and was just feeding off her void portals <.<; There are better friends than that!

Finally, I became a Grand Master of the White Mages.

2015-08-27 Riiko Uldah

I am now able to heal and save my group even better!

2015-08-14 WHM Owly Garden Summon pray twitter


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