My journey from FFXI to FFXIV:ARR: A new Adventure starts in 2.0

When I logged back into FFXIV, I felt really nostaglic. I knew the background music of Gridania, the town itself was also quite familiar. It was great!

I also had some jobs/classes leveled already:

2013-08-27 all classes unlocked

Like a pro!


Yeah, I did get far in a few months of FFXIV 1.0….. <.<; Totally far…

I arrived in town like a new visitor.

2013-07-13 Riiko

Read more in my previous post about how lil Riiko developed and grew!

Yes, I changed my character design. The name remained the same. This girl is the cousin of old war veteran Riiko Rinkoko who disappeared during the Calamity. Rumors state that she got trunk in the tavern and died an unhonorable death. This is why Neo Riiko Rinkoko can’t stand her.

Below you can see some similarities between Yuuzuki and Neo Riiko. This is completely not intended *COUGH*

2015-09-01 Yuuzuki Riiko Comparison

I kinda wanted Yuuzuki to have blue eyes already, but this was not an option in FFXI.

Maybe Riiko is Yuuzuki in an alternate reality?

Anyway, the game guided the newly arrived adventurer through town and explained really everything. If you read the help texts and followed the main story quests.

FFXIV felt a lot faster than FFXI which I felt mostly during healing. In FFXI you had time to chat while fighing. You could write inbetween casts or while casting without problems. In FFXIV you do not have time for that or your DPS will drop to the point where people will think you are an idiot who can’t play their job. Or you let your tank die and the group wipes. So I had to learn to play faster, heal faster, type faster. ò.óV

Mighto organized that we all changed to Excalibur Server. In the mean time, Selbina Server had become Ridill server due to low population. We changed to Excalibur as EuroAsylum was there which we intended to join once more. There, I met some familiar faces but also some new faces which had joined during 1.0! I gained some kind new friends and by now, I even have become officer, although I don’t really feel like I have become any more important or powerful than I was before. I’m still little Riiko who likes to do social events and join all other events, too. Haha~

I’m really happy that many friends from FFXI play FFXIV nowadays. I would hate to see some friendships grow distant again.

Can you believe it’s already 2 years since FFXIV:ARR or 2.0 was released?

And can you believe that the “best item level” has increased from 90 to 200? I remember, in FFXI you worked on your gear for months and it was still good after years.

Everything is moving faster now. Everything is changing, evolving.

And so is the development team of FFXIV. The changes of the rebirth of the game were tremednous and I’m happy things changed as they changed. I would just like to have gear that is still good after a year. But this will not happen.


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