My journey from FFXI to FFXIV:ARR: Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 boredom?!

In the middle of FFXI gaming, Final Fantasy XIV was announced and released. It had awesomely new graphics and we all hoped, it would be amazing. It was clear for me that I would create a Lalafell and I worked already in advance on the looks and character of my little Lalafell.

We at RisingPhoenix decided to go to the server called Selbina because that is a town in FFXI. So we hoped for many other FFXI players to go there too and play with experts.

I started the game as Riiko Rinkoko, an experienced war veteran who was super strong but hid her true powers.


She loved spending time at the tavern while drinking and having her pupil Kyle Randyll clean up after her – which was played by Mighto.


Samti became Leonie Killaflausch and did lots of crafting sessions with me. As usual, Samti was more dedicated to crafting than I was. It was also quite complicated and comparable to FFXI crafting.


Scott Randyll, Mighto’s new main character, was an old war friend of Riiko and they enjoyed talking about “old times” etc. Of course, both were supposed to be super strong!


Many of us played FFXI 1.0 but over time, more and more went back to FFXI.


I was one of them. I returned to FFXI although I liked the new graphics and adventures… but…


…I couldn’t live with the lag. It was bad. You hit a button and 1-2 seconds later, something happened. This was in the normal menu, it was in battle, it was everywhere. This was making me rage like crazy after some time of thinking “maybe it gets better”. Yes, this was the main reason, I think…

But apart from that, I also felt like there was no clear structure in story and everything. Somehow, it felt a bit empty to me. FFXI had given me much more depth and somehow 1.0 felt rather boring to me. :\ Some friends including Mighto stayed in FFXIV and sometimes I felt really bad for not liking it as much as he did. Others, including me, went back to FFXI.

Years later, FFXIV 1.0 was brought to an end in order to be revived with “A Realm Reborn” and I decided to give it another try.


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