My journey from FFXI to FFXIV:ARR: Advanced adventuring in Final Fantasy XI

Tarutaru and Lalafell are pretty much the same.

They try to be really attractive but completely fail to be what they want to be 100%. Everyone looks disgusted but in the end, they are just ultra-adorably cute.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Tarutaru

The great thing about FFXI was, that you had to rely on other players, be part of a linkshell and, preferably, be a group of friends.

Whatever you did, you needed others to succeed. It was awesome and you would easily find new friends. Most people seemed really friendls from the start.

FFXI-2015-09-01 LS Picture 02

We did a lot together! While the party size was only 6 people and standard battles were designed for a 6-man-group, you could always do different things with different friends cause there was just so much to do!

FFXI-2015-09-01 LS Picture 01

We also gathered for seasonal events like Christmas and even organized our own little party and dance performance!

FFXI-2015-09-01 LS Picture 03

FFXI offered many fun non combat activities. Like bridge sliding.

You sat on the bridge in Bastok. Tried to sit as much in the middle as possible.

Then, you waited.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Fun stuff 03

Every 15 minutes or so, an airship would arrive and 5 minutes later, it would depart. For both events, the bridge would open and slide you off to either side. The side with the most people on it, wins. XD

FFXI-2015-09-01 Fun stuff 04

You could also travel to Uleguerand Range, which was a 1 hour trip. It had a lot of dangerous enemies on the way. Using Sneak (sound detection) and Invisible (sight detection) to prevent aggro was a must. The fun thing about this area were the True Sight and True Sound enemies. They aggroed you even with these spells on you. There were also enemies aggroen to magic so if you recasted your sneal/invi you had to be not around those enemies. If your whole group or those who could raise, died, it was all over. XD

Did I mention, that the spells lasted 10-30 seconds? Randomly.

Anyway, the goal was the giant slide.

It was a sownhill slope. You could just slide down for like 20 seconds or so and hope your sneak/invi doesn’t wear off.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Fun stuff 01

Unfortunately, there were holes in the slide and you didn’t always end up where oyu wanted to be… @.@

FFXI-2015-09-01 Fun stuff 02

There were also these endgame instances called Dynamis. Basically every major town had this. You needed and alliance of 3 parties to beat these.

For Dynamis, many of us joined the EuroDynamis Linkshell which was a nice linkshell for Dynamis at european times.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Dynamis 01

Many of them were part of EuroAsylum, their social Linkshell which we joined later on – but always kinda prefered our small circle of friends in RisingPhoenix.

Anyway, Dynamis was like: Thief pulls enemies, Black mages sleep-nuke dangerous things. Tanks were in party with the healers so they could be kept alive efficiently. DPS parties just DPSed. It was really strategic and everyone had to work together.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Dynamis 02

If not, this happened.

It sometimes happened, even if you did work together.

For example, if a NM decided to charm some of us.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Dynamis 03

This also happenes years later in the Adoulin expansion with new max level… Everyone could enter these and everyone could die. People did die in these. A lot.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Dynamis 04-Adoulin version

The server Sylph was an international server located in Japan. All servers were located in Japan. So naturally, we had lots of japanese players.

I became friends with Pecor, a Lalafell I met in the Valkurm Dunes while leveling. He was amazed how I was writing in japanese which I was learning in evening classes.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Pecor Yuu050709012048a

Schnuckiputz came to meet him too and decided, he wanted a japanese boyfriend for Samti!

FFXI-2015-09-01 Pecor Yuu050727234354a

It didn’t take long and Samti became friends with Roy.

Roy was a funny guy!

FFXI-2015-09-01 Roy img_20120513_190155

Actually, here he is. He was just wearing a costume up there…

Samti didn’t speak japanese and Roy didn’t speak english or german. They communicated throug auto-translation or through my broken japanese. XD It was really funny. Sometimes, he asked me how samti was doing ö.ö So adorable!

FFXI-2015-09-01 Roy img_20120511_232903

As time passed on, we all became more and more higlevel and expert! I did a lot with Chaosi and Mighto and it was fun.

FFXI-2015-09-01 Beach

We finished the Wings of the Goddess expansion together. ö.ö

FFXI-2015-09-01 WotG

Unfortunately, we didn’t finish Adouling – or at least I didn’t – because midway, FFXIV 2.0 came out and I got hooked to it. XD

All in all, FFXI was a great game. It was my first MMORPG and even when I tried out others, they just couldn’t reach the awesomeness of this one. They lacked story, excitement, things to do, the friendships… They all seemed to not rely on others, they seemed more like Single Player RPGs with random adventurers running around you.

Of course, FFXI lacked many things and everything took time. I still loved it!

Thanks to FFXI I have found good RL and ingame friends who I’m still friends with. This, I’m very thankful for. We still fight side by side, we just have moved on to Eorzea.

Moving on to FFXIV came with some struggles in FFXIV 1.0. but read for yourself tomorrow.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tremainesworld
    Sep 03, 2015 @ 23:25:59

    I also enjoyed my time on XI, it was my first MMO and still one I remember fondly. Looking back, I’m shocked at how long it took to do anything! I’m still playing with the same people from that time, and that is amazing. XIV is a lot of fun too, but the requirement of 8 people for any and all higher level events, and the dedication required to learn the fights means I’m stuck in a semi-social phase. I want to do more higher level events, but I want to do it with people who also want to put the effort into it (and we have a chance of succeeding). This is making XIV a little more bittersweet than XI was.



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Sep 04, 2015 @ 08:44:56

      Once upon a time, Trem lead his people into despair (aka Dynamis). Things haven’t changed, just the names of the instances. (Bismarck Ex *cough*)



      • tremainesworld
        Sep 04, 2015 @ 09:00:00

        I honestly don’t get how much of a struggle we are finding bismarck ex. It is one of the easier primals, all it requires is a dps check. This is what is infuriating, the having to wait until we are so overgeared or there is echo to attempt things as an LS. There is still a fear of titan ex despite it being easily farmable these days.



      • SPX
        Sep 04, 2015 @ 09:18:56

        I dunno. Maybe i am getting old, but all the stuff happening on the screen is too much for me and most of the time i am just confused about what’s happening. If i had repeated a fight often enough to figure out the basics it usually became irrelevant at that point, cause newer stuff is out and everyone moved on. xD I am just too slow for the pace of the game.



  2. tremainesworld
    Sep 04, 2015 @ 14:01:41

    I I remember my first forays into 2nd Coil, there was that initial panic of omg things are moving so fast, how can we possibly clear this, this is insanely difficult. Gradually however, as I got used to the pace, as I got used to the pattern, it became easier and easier. What felt incredibly fast now was more than manageable. That is one of the things I like about XIV, the initial panic about how impossibly hard the content is, followed by getting used to it, and finally the elation at beating it.



  3. visgal
    Sep 08, 2015 @ 19:08:26

    Look at that hot samurai named visgal, rawr…



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