Tataru’s new garb ?! O___O;

Inbetween my journeys to save Eorzea once more, I came to the Tavern to check if Tataru was doing alright.

She was doing okay every time I came to see her.

Except one.

That one time, this happened:

2015-06-28 Heavensward Story 3-0 15

I looked at her welcoming me to the tavern.

I know she had started working there and gathering intel.

But this?!

2015-06-28 Heavensward Story 3-0 14

I was all like:

Paint-2015-08-24 Riiko shocked

Okay, what was I suppoed to say? Quick, I needed a good reply to compliment her!!

me: “Y-your hair is very adorable!”

Tataru: “Well, thank you.”

me: “And your outfit is truly… I can see it was a lot of work to make it and the details are really well made.. umm…”

Tataru looked at me for a moment, then smiled brightly. She appreciated the compliment as a fellow Weaver and seemed to be happy of my approval.

I didn’t approve anything at all!

The next day, Tataru was wearing her usual gown. I assume, Alphi had seen her in the maid outfit and talked some sense into her. Can’t have lil Tataru stared at by awful Tavern men!! “o_´´o


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