SPECIAL: Happy 2 Year Anniversary, A Realm Reborn! – Riiko 2 years ago

Can you believe that it’s 2 years ago that the adventure started?

It was after the Calamity and the disappearance of my aunt that I decided to start a life as adventurer.

2013-07-13 Riiko

As I grew up in a small village hidden deep in the Shroud, I traveled to Gridania to enlist at the Adventurers guild.

This was the first time that I walked through the gates of Gridania:

2013-08-16 Riiko arrives in gridania

They happily welcomed me at the Adventurers guild.

Now I was ready for the real adventures ò.óV

2013-08-27 Airship 01

I also met some pretty adorable Moogles in the woods:

2013-08-16 Paint Moogle

I dreamed big and tried to become a strong adventurer like the noble Sir Scott who seemed to be an old war buddy of my awful aunt. But he was okay and we became friends. :D

2013-08-27 Scott Razico Raise

It was a big thing when I used an airship for the first time! Now it’s totally normal, but back then it was a huge exciting journey.

2013-08-27 Airship 03

I was still a total newbie! Look at that!

2013-08-27 all classes unlocked

Fighting evil demons was still super exciting. Nowadays, I look at them and they beg for mercy. ò.ó;;

2013-08-27 Story 2

I spend hours and hours gathering. ö.ö So much fun!

2013-08-30 Gathering 07

Crafting was still new and exciting.

2013-08-30 Crafting 05

Two years ago, there was also a summer event where you had to kill hordes of bombs in order to get wet bomb ash which could be traded in for bikinis!

2013-09-09 Moonfire Faire 05

Looking good! :D

2013-09-09 Moonfire Faire 09

Happy 2 year anniversary, ARR!


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