Heavensward 3.0 Story Part 19: Chilling with the Vanu Vanus

I received the task to check out the issues of a beast tribe that lives in the Sea of Clouds.

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 01

There were rumors of Imperials attacking the locals. o.ô

What would Imperials do here? I mean, we destroyed their outposts and headquarters, including Ultima Weapon….right?

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 02

Nevertheless Alphi and me discovered Imperials who were attacking some big birdies!

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 03

We directly attacked the Imperials and killed most of them!! ò_ó Eat that!!

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 04

Their leader retreated and we were invited to the Vanu Vanu village!

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 05

When suddenly, a giant whale with wings flew over our heads O.O

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 06


2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 07

It just devoured it like a snack! With one bite!

Alphi’s only words were like:

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 08

Yeah, I can’t believe you said that either >_>;;

Anyway, we promised the leader of the Vanus to take care of the giant whale = I’ll gather 7 adventurers and we’ll fight it while Alphi and the others would just watch.

That big whale was Bismarck, the primal of some awful Vanus. The Vanu villagers were actually trying to get rid of it as it was eating their home.

One other thing the Vanus preach, is a chilled out lifestyle.

I followed their lifestyle for a while and made friends with a dragon-bunny and a kitty :D

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 09

That was when suddenly Ritz and Jam came by and caught me by surprise! Was just showing off my beach outfit!

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 10

My little chocobo actually felt really at home with the Vanus. They had the same body statue and my little chocobo quickly became friends with the most chubby Vanus in town. XD

2015-06-27 Heavensward Story 3-0 11

Guess I’ll take care of Bismarck and the island eating thread another day…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Akhe
    Aug 24, 2015 @ 10:08:56

    Riiko needs to make friends with the birdpeople, otherwise how will she get eggs to distribute as the Easter Bunny! Don’t fail in this important mission Riiko! We’ll be relying upon you!



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