Astrologian – A new Card is born

In Ishgard, they were offering training in new jobs: Astrologian, Dark Knight and Machinist.

Of course I had to check them out!

After a short analysis, I decided that Machinist was too brutal (I don’t really like FPS…) and Dark Knight too evil and too tanky. So I went to the Astrologian Guild to register.

It was overcrowded with people who wanted to get into parties just to play cards.

2015-06-19 AST HW 01

The Astro guild had lots of maps, cards and documents. They were doing an immense amount of research on the stars and stuff. o.o I was slightly impressed. They just need a few more candles…

2015-06-19 AST HW 02

Anyway, the guy leading the guild brought me to the Astro Research tower “Observatorium” in Coerthas. There, they had a telescope and it was THE research center in Eorzea.

2015-06-19 AST HW 03

Unfortunately, Astros didn’t seem to have many friends. I had to witness how some lowlevel bandits obducted the grandfather of the leading Astro Master.

2015-06-19 AST HW 04

She was really angry that she couldn’t do anything about it!

If she just had let me handle these bandits… I could have just tossed rocks at them, burried them in a small mountain and all would have been ok.

But no, she had to hold me back. A long journey of fighting these bandits would begin…

2015-06-19 AST HW 05

The grandfather had dropped a stone before he was taken. When I picked it up, it started glowing. It was an Astro Soul Stone!

2015-06-19 AST HW 06

Thanks to this, I was allowed to become an Astrologian and proceed to follow the bandits…

2015-06-19 AST HW 07

We found some and fought them ò.óV

2015-06-19 AST HW 08

We managed to free the grandfather and I received my first lesson in astrology.

2015-06-19 AST HW 09

Leava, my new Astro mistress, taught me about the bole, a giant tree star sign.

2015-06-19 AST HW 10

When I connected the dots of that constellation, I couldn’t really see a tree. It was more of a candle or somet… <.<;

2015-06-19 AST HW 10-2

Being unsure if the Astrologians maybe just made things up to sound impressive, I decided to stick with them for a while and observe their affairs.

Anyway, the Guild’s secretary (who’s always standing at the counter, dealing with awful adventurers) got scolted badly by the real leader Levevalavaea.

2015-06-19 AST HW 11

After my first lesson, I felt like I had learned something: Never let the Astros deal with something. Do it yourself to get it done. Also, always doubt the credibility of their star images drawn into the sky. They make things up.

Back in my little Ishgard inn, I created a nice card of myself:

2015-TTT Riiko Card

Okay, it’s not an Astro card but a Triple Triad Card. So what! It’s epic! ò.óV

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tremainesworld
    Aug 21, 2015 @ 12:18:19

    So, you are scared of Frames per second?! (FPS) How are you finding Astro? Another comparison post!!!



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Aug 21, 2015 @ 13:02:51

      eh… yes, sure, I’m afraid of frames… <. For sure the weaker Shield of AST does not overwrite stronger shields!
      –> AST regen overwrites the same AST regen, even if the new one is weaker – just liek WHM Regen spell.



      • Akhe
        Aug 21, 2015 @ 14:58:50

        I’m glad I’m not the only one afraid of the FPS… when it get too high, I start to think I can see things, out of the corner of my eye, things that aren’t really there, can’t really be there, the disturbing, terrible things…


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