The Doman Adventurer’s Guild #1

When I returned to Mor Dhona, it was very empty. Most people had left for their journey to Ishgard.

Nevertheless, the locals of Mor Dhona still required my help.

There had been rumors that a group of children was causing trouble in town by stealing items from vendors!

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 01

So I went to Rowena to get further information.

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 02

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 03

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 04

So she was like the first person ever to wear the Thavnairian clothes that every woman in all Eorzea wants to wear.

I guess this is the best advertisement for Rowena’s new collection: wearing it herself!

Anyway, I got some intel and waited for the kids to appear in the early evening – just after dinner.

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 05

They recognized me as the famous adventurer and made me their mentor! o.o;

It all happened very fast. Suddenly I found myself outside town, helping the kids to search for old relics.

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 06

We found some old trash which they were convinced that it was super valuable.

They also told me, they were the first Doman adventurers ever and wanted to build their own guild so I had to teach them how to be an adventurer.

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 07

Anyway, I confronted them with the accusations of stealing things but they assured me, they were innocent!

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 08

Somehow I believed them when they started their own investigation for the real thief. Kids are so honest! ö.ö;;

When by chance a Lalafell walked past, they realized that Lalas are also child sized and maybe it was a Lalafell gang that stole the items but shopkeepers mistook them for children!!

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 09

On a side note, I’m a Lalafell too. You kids could have noticed that earlier.

Just saying.

Anyway, the kids came up with the great idea to use the stolen goods as content of an act. They pretended like one of the stolen books contained a way, a map to locate buried gold, jewels and weapons!

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 10

The Lala gang heared this and rushed out!

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 11

They were after the riches and weapons to conquer the world!!

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 12

They put the book down at the designated spot and… Then what?

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 13

The kids had not stated what to do next so the Lalas were clueless about what to do.

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 14

THe plan had been successful. This was the proof that the Lala gang were the thieves!!

2015-06-26 Mor Dhona Sidequest 15

We just needed to catch them, secure the goods and turn them in! Easy-peasy.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. annaQuasi
    Aug 19, 2015 @ 09:17:24

    I love your storytelling. Such suspense! *places hands over ears* Can’t wait. :D



  2. Akhe
    Aug 19, 2015 @ 11:09:09

    Riiko stands so tall in their eyes they didn’t realise she’s a lalafell.



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