Nightlife in Ishgard

It was an evening like every other…

…until I met Chaosi. He was wearing the most disappointing hat Eorzea had ever seen.

2015-07-04 Chaosi awful hat

Who had allowed him to wear such things!!

I quickly hid in one of my Lala-Hideouts to process what my eyes just had seen.

Not long after, Jam and Ritz joined me.

2015-07-04 The Bush 01

That was when suddenly, Lyssa stood in front of our hideout and was like “WTH are you all doing there?!”

This proved to me that Lyssa can LOOK THROUGH PLANTS!

2015-07-04 The Bush 02

She sat down with us and the only thing revealing us was some warm breath and an Elezen ear…

2015-07-04 The Bush 04

Earlier, I had done a Wyvernskin Map and as Lyssa was crafting stuff, I gave her some screws. In return, she gave me some Animal hide……. Um… Thanks, I guess.

2015-07-04 The Bush 03

Hideout time was over and we gathered near the market board. Mirr joined and we all put on some cool show-off gear.

2015-07-04 Mirr dangerous summoning 03

That was when suddenly, Mirr gave Ritzi a new hat!

The hat was really scary. It was not only a round metal thing that looked awful, it also emitted thundery attacks!

2015-07-04 Mirr dangerous summoning 02

Things escalated and the only way to turn everything back to normal was with a magical Time-bubble!

2015-07-04 Mirr dangerous summoning 01

Back in Limsa, I checked out Leo. She had prepared her most impressive Dragoon outfit in order to travel to Ishgard.

2015-07-06 Leo

When I asked her, when she was going, she couldn’t say… Seems she had not received an invitation to the lands of Elezen and dragons yet @___@;;

Well, I went back to Ishgard on my own then.

The streets were empty – it was pretty late after all.

2015-07-06 New WHM Glamour

In a corner, I met Jam. She looked like a russian fighting yankee but I told her, she looked beautiful as I didn’t wanna get into big trouble with her.

She also claimed, there was a young miqo girl standing next to me, but I didn’t see her.

Jam then sent me the following picture:

2015-07-08 Jam Riiko Miqogirl

I was like: WHAAAAT! The girl was standing right there but I couldn’t see her! Only on the picture O.O;;; Who is this mysterious girl?

I had to go home and eat a treat from my new sweets-serving-plate-thing. Or maybe two.

2015-07-06 New crafted stuff 01

And then, as every night since summoned, the Fat Cat Primal roamed through the mountains around Ishgard, making the city tremble.

2015-07-13 Fat Cat Primal


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