Heavensward 3.0 Story Part 12: Hraesvelgr revealing the past [Story Spoiler]

Shocked from the harsh words of Hraesvelgr, Ysa broke down.

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 21

The dragon had no pity with her. The woman in front of him was not his beloved Shiva. Is was an imposer to him. This woman was using Shiva’s powers without his conscent!

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 22

Somehow, he seemed to feel something for Ysa as he started explaining how it all started.

Once upon a time, there was an Elezen King Thordan I. He and his twelve knights wanted to obtain the power of the dragon’s eyes: as in their eyes lies their power.

The King lured Ratatoskr, Hraesvelr’s sister, into an ambush and took both eyes from her. Gaining the eyes granted him great power.

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 23

Their brother Nidhogg seeked revenge for the sister they had slain. Nidhogg managed to kill King Thordan I but was unable to kill more of the king’s followers as their ranged attacks were just too intense.

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 24

Ever since, the Holy See and its clerics covered up the story and told the people, Nidhogg had attacked and killed their king for no reason. They also kept it a secret that the two eyes of Ratatoskr were still in posession of the curch.

The son of King Thordan I seeked revenge on Nidhogg.

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 25-1

He challenged Nidhogg and managed to take both of Nidhogg’s eyes!

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 25-2

Then, he dissolved the twelve knights of which only 6 remained.

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 25-3

Some decided to leave. Four had decided to remain and keep Ishgard save now that the royal bloodline was gone.

These are now the four noble Houses of Ishgard.

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 25-4

But what had happened to Nidhogg, as he was still alive? Didn’t taking the eyes from dragons kill them?

For sure, one of the eyes of Nidhogg (which the son of King Thordan I had ripped out) ended up in the hands of the Azure Dragon: Estinien. The other eye was burried with the prince when he passed away.

Hraesvelr had finished talking for now and Ysa was devastated. She had believed that the dragons were at fault for the whole war and that Nidhogg’s rage was for no reason.

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 26

Everything she had believed in crumbled away. She needed some time for herself while us others proceeded to Nidhogg’s private caste.

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 27

It was covered in clouds but that was no issue. Biggs and Wedge promised us that we could use private Airships to enter the place! Wooooosh!

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 28

That was when Tataru came with two super urgent messages!

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 29

We first hurried back to our previous base. Some of our adventurer followers had come back!

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 39

They swore the loyality to the cause, not to the Bluecoats who had betrayed us.

Alphi was so happy, he even shed a small tear! The trust the adventurers gave him was all he had needed to regain his confidence and strength to keep going on! ö.ö

2015-06-23 Heavensward Story 3-0 40

And the next message lead me to Ul’dah…


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