Sightseeing Log: Nearly finished one, get offered an expansion!

At some point, I had to continue my Sightseeing log. More than half of it was done, but I was still far from finishing it. The little Apkallu was waiting for me to finish it so Jonas would allow me to adopt it. <.<;

So I jumped on gates!

2015-06-13 Sightseeing 48

I climbed on trees!

2015-06-13 Sightseeing 49

I climbed on old ruins.

2015-06-13 Sightseeing 50

And I climbed on the highest poles!

2015-06-13 Sightseeing 51

I sneaked around some sinister places…

2015-06-13 Sightseeing 52

And then, suddenly, after having 52 of them done, some random Explorer EXPANDS MY SIGHTSEEING LOG!

Like I didn’t already have enough to do. <.<;

2015-06-13 Sightseeing HW 00

By chance, I found one spot in Coerthas: On the top of a dragon skeleton.

I must admit, that felt really epic.

2015-06-13 Sightseeing HW 01

It was like: Look everyone! I slayed this badass…. 10 years ago when I was like 5 years old! ò.óV



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