Heavensward Aether Currents

I’ve been evading blog posts about the Heavensward storyline because everyone has done it and those who haven’t don’t wanna read spoilers usually… <.<; But at some point, they will come and it will be boring for some. I will make it as exciting as possible!

But for now, I’d like to share some Aether Current pictures!

Attuning to all currents allows your mounts to fly in that area. Finding all of them is hell.

Of course I have tried to find them all on my own in Coerthas but once that was finished, I gave up in the next area while following Alphinaud. I never knew which quests the Currenty were hidden behind or couldn’t figure out the locations of some. So I “cheated” and looked it up here.

2015-06-21 Aether Current 01

On that journey, I discovered many beautiful areas an places.

2015-06-21 Aether Current 02

Usually, you don’t take much time to stop and look around. The Currents force you to do so – at least for some seconds. That’s when you see the Dhalmel – the cousins of Elezen. I was excited to meet these lovely fellows. I’m sure Lyssa, Emp and all other Elezen feel really at home when near their long-necked cousins.

2015-06-21 Aether Current 03

Aether Currents can be found at houses covered by snow.

2015-06-21 Aether Current 04

Or in old ruins inhabited by Moogles!

2015-06-21 Aether Current 05

Even in the most unexpected areas full of destroyed ground and wall parts that fly around!

2015-06-21 Aether Current 06

Sometimes, I get mezmerized by the beautiful crystals, glowing trees and mysterious light during nighttimes.

2015-06-21 Aether Current 07

There was even a Current in a giant Cooking pot. According to rumors, the local monsters like to capture Lalafell and cook them in there. Unfortunately, it was blocked by the Current until I came to remove it…. Bad move, Riiko. <_<

2015-06-21 Aether Current 08

Obviously, there were “slightly” more Currents. I don’t want to bore you. Most pictures aren’t that impressive, really. <.<; Some are at boring locations. Who wants to see that?


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  1. astril445
    Jul 28, 2015 @ 07:38:47

    I want pie. Apple pie. with baked apple flavor. with extra applesauce. on a floating appletree island. with apple frie-
    Oki, enough of that. That aside… -waves- Hai riiko!
    -returns to reading light novels-



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