Patch 3.0 AST vs WHM vs SCH Healer Research: Summary

Please Note: The data in this Research is partially outdated and not 100% correct anymore. There have been some changes with HW release and in the patches after. There will also be an update to AST in Patch 3.07 or 3.1 so this data will become incorrect. When the new changes are released, I will make a new research!

The summary of my Healer rating:

17-07-2015 Rating Summary

AST: The Card Master Healer

Astrologians excel in card usage. But that’s about it, some say.

ASTs are designed to replace either a WHM or a SCH in an 8 man group but they cannot reach the healing, regening or shielding power of the other healers. Using the cards to support the group is great and surely helpful but if it really makes up for the lower healing potencies in tough situations is still questionable for me. DPS-wise, AST is comparably strong and his nuke/dot behavior can be compared to a WHM.

While some people think that AST is a weak healer, AST is surely capable of reliably healing a group. He is a jack of all trades, adapts to the situation with its stances and can be what you want it to be.

AST shouldn’t have enmity issues but if there are issues, make sure to use Lumini. Aether before bigger spells like Aspected Helios or Gravity to reduce the enmity they create. Easy-peasy.

In Patch 3.05, AST received a few adjustments which help recovering MP/TP. I’m actually wondering if the MP/TP cards will now make MRD and MCH even more unwanted.

AST is so much fun for me at the moment. I’d like to see some improvements. If AST could only switch stances mid-fight. Or if the shield would stack with SCH shield. Then the AST could put Regens up, Shields up (together with the SCH shields!) and be pretty amazing! Some spells might still be weaker than the WHM/SCH equivalent, but stance dancing would make up for it.

DPS-wise, AST is comparable to WHM. AST doesn’t have as many tools as WHM but the AST tools are quite strong and in a similar nuking behaviour will deal approximately the same damage.

WHM: The AoE Regeneration Healer

WHM is a reactive healer. Someone takes damage, the WHM heals. WHM can put up Regen in expectation of damage taken to support the heals or nuke in the mean time.

While Holy has been a powerful tool for stunning and DPSing groups of trash mobs, it was nerfed quite hard. Instead, WHM has gained further damage tools that make him keep up to a certain extent with a SCH who was always known to deal more damage, especially on enemies that live long – and SCH still is the most MP efficient-long term DPS healer. If WHM would not run out of MP for spamming Holy, WHM would be a DPS machine together with AST. But they are not.

WHM has Enmity issues when using Medica II, Holy and other spammable healing or DPS tools and facing an unexperienced or unprepared tank. Supported by Shroud of the Saints which halves the enmity generated, a WHM can make up for poor hate generation of the tank or for his own excessive and maybe unnecessary heal spam.

SCH: The Shielding Healer

SCH is a proactive healer. Before someone takes damage, the SCH puts buffs or shields up to prevent damage. A SCH can also heal damage taken but especially when looking at the whole group a WHM is better at this. SCH was seen as THE single target healing expert, and he still is, but thanks to Tetragrammation, WHM can keep up quite well, too.

Usually, after having taken damage, a SCH would Succor the group to prevent damage from the next incoming attack (only if there is one). A WHM would just heal everyone or maybe put Medica II Regen effect up to heal the next attack wave.

The shields prevent damage and give the SCH time to apply his DoTs and deal some damage. And he does loads of it, especially on several enemies. Never underestimate the DPS power of a SCH! SCH is the healer with the most DPS power on a long term because his MP don’t run out while the DoTs are ticking.

A SCH should never draw hate. If he does, something is going very wrong. Especially since he is supported by his fairy for healing and support purposes.

By the way, in very lowlevel dungeons (up to Brayflox normal I’d say), you can let your fairy heal while you focus on DPSing your enemies. It’s really handy.



SE still needs to work a wee bit on Astrologian. (Stance dance is my wish!)

I’d like to do another comparison once all my healers are level 60. I’d like to try to do the same content with the same (or comparable) gear and see what’s different first hand. Maybe I’ll find out something new that proves I’ve been wrong about something.

This kind of research is a lot of fun for me ö.ö It’s way more difficult than I expected. You have to consider so many things while trying to make it as easy to understand as possible.

Special thanks to Jam for the hint about 5% healing bonus in Noct Stance!

Thanks for reading.

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