Patch 3.0 AST vs WHM vs SCH Healer Research: DPS (Nukes)

Please Note: The data in this Research is partially outdated and not 100% correct anymore. There have been some changes with HW release and in the patches after. There will also be an update to AST in Patch 3.07 or 3.1 so this data will become incorrect. When the new changes are released, I will make a new research!

Let’s have a look at the single target nukes.

2015-07-17 DPS Single

Correction: Fluid Aura is an ability, not a spell.

I’ll leave Fluid Aura and Energy drain out of the following comparison as they have cooldown or use Aetherflow stacks and thus cannot be spammed freely. Fluid Aura also has a knockback effect so it should not be used on trash mobs anyway. Pure single target nuke power is:
AST: 450
WHM: 520
SCH: 330
This time, SCH is crying in a corner.


If you are looking at it from a different angle, they kinda have the same strength here. Usually, you would not use each nuke that you have once. You would spam your strongest nuke. So AST gets 200 potency, WHM gets 210 and SCH has 170 with oGCD 150. I’d say this is quite balanced after all.


AoE Nukes

2015-07-17 DPS AoE

SCH gets no AoE Nuke.

Target potency overview for Gravity and Holy:
1st target: 200
2nd target: 180
3rd target: 160
4th target: 140
5th target: 120
6th target: 100
So if 6 enemies are hit, the potency is 900
For 10 enemies, it’s only 100 potency more per enemy. So the fewer enemies, the more potent it is?! O.o;

I probably should have added Celestial Opposition to the below additional effect abilities/spells, but as Holy does a stun too, I wanted to have a better comparison. While WHM gets a combined damage+stun in one spell, AST gets two separate spells. Which is nice and not nice. AST can stun every 150 seconds for no MP. So time it nicely. WHM can stun whenever – if he has the MP. Holy is extremely expensive at level 60!

In addition to all that, WHM gets Assize with a potency of 300 every 90 seconds.

Assuming, 6 enemies are hit, this would result in the following nuke potencies:
AST: 900
WHM: 900+1200=2100
SCH: 0


Now do not cry, Scholars! We shall do a comparison with DoTs and Nukes (excluding Fluid Aura and Energy Drain) on 6 enemies. We assume that the caster is targeting Target 1 and the other 5 targets are hit by AoE only. Single target spells are not applied to the other targets. The caster uses each available spell/ability mentioned above once. 

2015-07-17 DPS potency overview

WHM and SCH are equal on DPS in 6 enemies, assuming all cooldowns are up and all DoTs last the full duration. I’m not taking into consideration that recasting AoEs or single target nukes might happen. Or that Fluid Aura and Energy Drain also exist…

Please also note that the AoE DoT potency by using Bane is not 100% correct. The DoTs have cast time and once all DoTs are applied and Bane is used, the first ticks have been done. We shall say that the above potencies assume that you get the 15% chance of DoT timer reset on all enemies. The god of RNG is shining upon you!

Also, the above calculation is not really that realistic. After having cast “every skill for damage once”, a healer would surely continue to spam the most damaging spell (if HP situation allows). This is where AST will probably catch up some more and his potency might look a bit better. Especially since AST has less DPS tools in total. Still, these values are quite shocking for me. I didn’t expect to see such big differences between AST and the other healers.

More realistic calculation

6 enemies scenario

For 6 enemies we get the following potencies (SCH gets 4x single target DoT because Bane transfers the DoTs from one target to 3 further targets):

AST: 690+(0*6 enemies)=690
WHM: 450+(370*6 enemies)=2670
SCH: (890*4 enemy)+(320*6 enemies)=5480

Then, AST and WHM would keep nuking with their AoE nukes. Now, the aspect of time needs to be added. Let’s say, we have 39 seconds (SCH starts with Bio II which lasts 30 sec so no reapplying of DoT is needed). Each spell is calculated with a 2,5sec cast time (or recast time if the spell is instant).

AST: 690+(0*6 enemies)=690 –> 2 spells –> 5 sec used –> 25 sec for nukes
WHM: 450+(370*6 enemies)=2670 –> 3 spells –>  7,5 sec used –> 22,5 sec for nukes
SCH: (890*4 enemy)+(320*6 enemies)=5480 –> 5 spells, Bane used oGCD –> 15 sec used–> 15 sec for nukes

Now the Nukes. AST and WHM will spam Gravity/Holy with a potency of 900 while WHM weaves in one Assize oGCD. SCH has no AoE Nuke, so let’s have him cast Blizzard II. Potency 50 per target, 6×50 = 300. This is still better than casting Broil with 170 potency.
AST has 25 seconds, so x=10. WHM has 22,5 seconds, so x=9. SCH has 15 sec, so x=6.

AST: x*900 = 9000
WHM: 1200+(x*900) = 9300
SCH: x*300 = 1800

Adding all the bold values, we get:

AST: 690+9.000 = 9.690
WHM: 2.670 + 9.300 = 11.970
SCH: 5.480 + 1.800 = 7.280

Okay, now I am confused. Does this mean, in pure DPS power for 30 seconds, WHM outdamages AST which outdamages SCH?! Thinking about it, it doesn’t. This is because WHM and AST will start having severe MP issues while and after spamming Gravity/Holy. These spells are extremely expensive and even if you manage to temporarily burst these spells out, you will need to use MP regen while using them and afterwards you will still be out of MP. SCH won’t and can just continue to keep up his DoTs, probably neglect Blizzard II, and just switch between healing and DoTing every 15 seconds.

If researches only were simple…


1 enemy scenario

In the post about the DoTs, we saw that if all DoTs available combined on one enemy, we get the following potencies. SCH will not use Miasma II for 1 enemy because it’s not worth it.

AST: 690+(0*1 enemy)=690 –> 2 spells –> 5 sec used –> 25 sec for nukes (x=10)
WHM: 450+(370*1 enemy)=820 –> 3 spells –>  7,5 sec used –> 22,5 sec for nukes (x=9)
SCH: (890*1 enemy)+(250*1 enemy)=1140 –> 4 spells –> 10 sec used–> 20 sec for nukes (x=8)

AST will then spam Malefic II with 200 potency, WHM goes for Stone III with 210 potency and SCH uses Broil with 170 potency and 3x Energy Drain with 150 potency oGCD because he has those Aetherflow stacks available every 30 seconds.

AST: x*200=2000
WHM: x*210=1890
SCH: x*170+(3*150)=1810

Combined, this results in:
AST: 690+2000=2690
WHM: 820+1890=2710
SCH: 1140+1810=2950

In total, this is relatively similar. SCH is slightly stronger but if Energy Drain cannot be spammed due to whatever reason, SCH would be similar with WHM and AST.

–> 30 sec single target DPSing will result in quite same damage!

This results in the following DPS rating:

2015-07-17 Rating DPS all


Everyone can do nice damage if they want.
SCH seems to be more consistent in his damage as his main damage comes from DoTs which can be kept ticking while healing the group.
AST can buff himself with cards and increase the damage or attack speed – if actual DPS jobs don’t need this more.
WHM can give himself 20% attack speed and try to squeeze out more nukes while constantly keeping an eye on their MP.

Additional Effect stuff

2015-07-17 DPS Effect

AST gets Disable. Thanks to a trait it becomes 10% potency reduction. This should be really useful for big boss attacks that are channeled. Timing is of utmost importance here and is easily screwed up if no attention is payed.

WHM can sleep single enemies. Which is nice. Many enemies resist it inside of dungeons. Apart from that, nowadays it’s more common to burn trash mobs down and sleep is not needed. It’s quite handy in the open field when something aggroed.

SCH gets a silence move which is used by Selene. If you activate it manually, there will be a delay until the fairy uses it and the enemy will have cast the spell already. That’s too bad.

Virus is also available as crossover skill for WHM but WHM only gets STR and DEX down. This is really neat for big boss attacks. So if you’re a WHM with SCH or SMN in the group, refrain from using Virus. The SCH and SMN will thank you.

In addition, SCH gets Shadow Flare. I put Shadow Flare under AoE DoTs because it’s an AoE DoT. In addition, it puts slow on the enemy. Slow does more than most people think. Slow actually reduces the attack speed of an enemy. So the enemy will hit less often. Especially handy in big pulls as the tank will get smashed slower and you can nuke more! :D

All these skills add some extra utility which is really nice for everyone.

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