Patch 3.0 AST vs WHM vs SCH Healer Research: DPS (DoT)

Please Note: The data in this Research is partially outdated and not 100% correct anymore. There have been some changes with HW release and in the patches after. There will also be an update to AST in Patch 3.07 or 3.1 so this data will become incorrect. When the new changes are released, I will make a new research!

Which healer is the best at DoTing? Most likely Scholar, I’d assume without analyzing anything. Will this first though be proven correct? (Oh, the excitement!!)

We shall assume that the DoTs run their entire duration. This will make everything easier.

2015-07-17 DoT Single

AST has the strongest single target DoT: Combust II with 450 potency.

SCH has quite a few strong DoTs.

WHM is just crying in a corner.

Now if we add the potencies of all the single target DoTs, we will get:
AST: 690
WHM: 450
SCH: 890
If a Scholar applies all three DoTs, he will clearly outdamage the others easily and laugh while his prey dies.

Now, let’s not forget about the AoE DoTs!

2015-07-17 DoT AoE

AST has no AoE DoT. That’s a bummer.

WHM gets Aero III with 370 potency which is not bad!

SCH gets everything. He gets Shadow Flare, a really “lol how weak” Miasma II and Bane. Bane will transfer the single target DoTs to the targets around that enemy. 15% chance that the timers reset so that they have full original duration. Now, the description states that all nearby enemies are affected but I’m pretty sure it’s just up to 3 nearby enemies. <.<;

Let’s look at Single Target and AoE DoTs together (if casted on one enemy):
AST: 690+(0*1 enemy)=690
WHM: 450+(370*1 enemy)=820
SCH: (890*1 enemy)+(320*1 enemy)=1210

If one target is applied with all DoTs and there is a 2nd enemy that gets hit by all AoEs available, we will have the following figures:
AST: 690+0=690
WHM: 450+(370×2)=1190
SCH: (890×2)+(320×2)=2420

If you are AST or WHM, go cry in a corner.

Actually don’t. SCH lives off DoTs. That’s what he does.

In the next analysis, I will focus on the actual nukes while adding a calculation of all nukes together in a more or less realistic situation.

My Rating will be shown in the next post as it will give a full overview of all damage available!

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jameru Bacheru
    Jul 23, 2015 @ 11:55:35

    Hi Riiko,

    Since you’ve done quite some analysis for all 3 healer classes. I will add my 2 cents. Also for starters, it is quite important to note: Spellspeed increases DoTs/Hots (Tests were done on a dummy with 2 Dots attacks with and without diurnal stance, and notice the 10% difference during the ticks. I will come to this later(I know, reliable source /blush)) Also the number are quite inacurate, since i dont know how much spellspeed influences the overall dmg.

    First of all you should compare all 4 healers.
    I say 4 because AST in nocturnal stance(NS) and diurnal stance (DS) are quite different. Potency wise in dmg and HoTs/DoTs.

    So for example you have the AoE healing. While Whm looks like the are good with Medica, AST is in theory even better. Nocturnal stance improves healing spells potency by 5%.
    So if you take your example medica vs helios.

    AST (NS) : 290 + 5% = 304.5
    AST (DS) : 290
    WHM : 300

    Of course, WHM excels with Cure 3 and whatever that other thing is, but with this alone the winner would be AST(NS). (Note: i dont know if that calculation is correct, so don’t quote me on that)

    So lets go into regeneration AOE heals

    Medica2 vs Aspected Helios

    AST (NS) : 140 + 5% = 147 + shield (no regen)
    AST (DS) : 140 (init healing) + (500 + 10% = 550) = 690
    WHM : 700

    single regen

    i think you get my point. The calculations are a bit off due to the fact spellspeed are influencing dots/hots.
    Which also makes nowadays parser absolute garbage since dots are wrongly applied to the parsers.

    Of course whms are still the healing monsters, but people should give more credits to astros. They are not bad at healing and aren’t bad at dps either

    Hugs and Kisses



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Jul 23, 2015 @ 12:44:36

      Whoa Jam! I did not consider the Spellspeed gained from “attack speed” in Diur Sect at all. Or the healing potency in Noct. Thanks a lot!
      Guess I need to rework my numbers and calculations, at least regarding the healing potency. XD

      Yeah, people are like “Oh no, an AST” in duties like Alex. AST is for sure no bad healer. And AST DPS can be pretty solid. According to tomorrow’s post with AoE DPS and an analysis of potential damage etc. WHM and AST come pretty close to the same dmg figures – ofc I haven’t taken into consideration any AST Stance bonus either… <.<;;
      And I really don't know why people say, AST is super bad. At least from analyzing I realize it might not be as awesome as Cure III but so isn't SCH! XD Guess there aren't many skilled ASTS out there yet. It's time that my AST rises MUAHAHAHAAH! (or something like that)

      From my experience of healing as WHM with DF ASTs, they are pretty reliable but I feel like SE is limiting the potential of ASTs espeically with the shields. Sometimes, I feel like I have to do most of the healing work, but maybe that's just DF.



      • Anonymous
        Jul 23, 2015 @ 15:29:13

        Yea Df in general. the tank can absorb alot of dmg if he decides to use CDs on pulls. Not many ate doing that. The only thing astro is missing is the “oh shit, healing”, where the cards doesn’t necessarily make up for it, but rather replaces it. Maybe I will make a guide from my expierence so far. Who knows. I think where astro has a greater advantage then sch and whm is healing two people at once.
        Even though I have desires to change 1 thing.
        1) make gravity an effing lvl 50 skill!!!


      • Riiko Rinkoko
        Jul 23, 2015 @ 15:54:43

        Is that you, Jam? o.o;;

        A guide from your experiences would be great ö.ö Looking forward to level my AST too but I keep being busy with awful Roulettes all evening.
        SE probably thought that Essential Dignity is enough as “oh shit” heal <.<;


      • Jameru Bacheru
        Jul 23, 2015 @ 17:02:48

        Ah yes that was me, from my phone. And well lightspeed might be okey now too


  2. astril445
    Jul 24, 2015 @ 00:08:25

    You probably know this already but i just wanna insert my two cents as well..o3o.(may have been fixed with latest patch, i haven’t checked) Essential dignity’s potency scales depending on how much it heals. i.e the less health you have, the more it heals. I’ve noticed if you use it IMMEDIATELY after casting benefic I/II it heals for the exact same amount as before the target was healed.



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Jul 24, 2015 @ 09:39:18

      Whoa, that’s a nice hint! I never noticed this. ö.ö Guess if you’re really fast, the server still has the other person registered as “low health” and gives Essential dignity mor epotency. ö___ö

      Thank you. I shall add it in my post.



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