Patch 3.0 AST vs WHM vs SCH Healer Research: Buffs, MP and unique stuff

Please Note: The data in this Research is partially outdated and not 100% correct anymore. There have been some changes with HW release and in the patches after. There will also be an update to AST in Patch 3.07 or 3.1 so this data will become incorrect. When the new changes are released, I will make a new research!

Casting things faster

2015-07-17 Speed

Attack speed+ translates into auto attack speed+, cast time- and recast time-! I kinda left out the physical auto attack speed in the table as healers usually do not hit the enemies.

AST gets slightly screwed over at the moment.
First of all, Dirunal Sect of AST adds attack speed +5% which is nice. AST also gets more attack speed by using the Arrow card. If fast healing is needed and you have the card available, it’s really nice. Usually, this card should be used for DPS or maybe also healers. It always depends on the situation. Please note that I rated the AST “Attack speed+” category with “–” because DPS also love this card and it’s very ranged based. If you are in need of it yourself and very unlucky, you might not pull it the entire fight. “–” is not necessarily the worst rating, it translates to “I don’t wanna talk about it”.
Lightspeed makes your GCD spells instant cast (they mostly have 2.5 sec cast time) while reducing their magic potency by 50%. What. The. Hell. So your heals and nukes will be half as strong. That’s great cause in an emergency situation that’s the last thing you need. The 50% weaker instant cast will not save you 99% of the time. You still have your Instant cast heal which can act as your emergency tool.
Do not despair. You have a card that gives attack speed +10%! But maybe you would rather give this to a DPS…

EDIT: Since patch 3.05 Lightspeed gives the following effect: “Reduces MP cost of spells by 25% for 10 seconds. Reduction to magic potency now only affects attack magic.”
So Lightspeed has become an MP saving tool while you need to spam expensive heals. Make sure to not nuke while it’s active.

Here you can find out why you should never AoE Ewer card.

WHM gets 20%! Which is quite nice and the best of what the healers get. WHM doesn’t share but uses it to fasten up his heals or nukes. In my experience, it is used way too rarely.

SCH gets Fey Wind from Selene. Attack Speed+ for everyone! It’s comparably weak compared to the 20% of WHM but in an 8 man group, it adds up to 24%.

Again, AST gets screwed over. There is hope! SE said, they are thinking about adjusting Lightspeed.

MP recovery

2015-07-17 MP

AST and WHM have kinda similar MP recovering tools. AST gets a bit less potency but also a faster re-cast time. So this should be evened out. AST also gets a card that reduces the MP cost of spells by 20% for 20 seconds whenever you draw the right card – which is completely random so you could be unlucky and not draw it for the entire fight.
EDIT: When I checked ingame, the recast time of Shroud of Saints for WHM is 120s like for AST. They have the same Refresh potency and the same duration. So WHM and AST recover the same amount of MP.
While the AST ability lets you generate less enmity while it is active, the WHM ability halves your current enmity. Which is nice if you used Medica II and the tanks can’t keep things off you.

AST gets Ewer Card which refreshes MP. When AST is in a pinch, he can use it on himself but from my point of view, this should be used mainly on others who need MP like the other healer, MP dependant tank, Casters. Also, it’s not reliable. It’s possible it will never come up during the whole fight. lolrandom

EDIT: Since patch 3.05 AST’s Lightspeed gives the following effect: “Reduces MP cost of spells by 25% for 10 seconds. Reduction to magic potency now only affects attack magic.” (Do not nuke while using Lightspeed!)
The Ewer Card from AST originally had this effect but it now gives an MP Refresh effect. With this, I think AST should no longer have MP issues! Sounds like he got some more reliable tools to get MP back or save them in the first place. I still hear people complain about MP as AST so I shall test this myself at some point!

What I skipped in this overview is Assize. It recovers 10% of MaxMP every 90 seconds. It’s the WHM‘s life saver as the big heals of WHM are quite expensive at level 60.

For a SCH it is slightly harder to run out of MP. 20% of MaxMP restored every 60 seconds and using Energy Drain inbetween to use up some stacks of Aetherflow is pretty nice.

With the changes from 3.05 patch, all healers seem to have reliable MP regeneration tools. Again, I can’t judge AST in endgame content yet. Of course in emergency situations and deaths, all healers will need BRD or MCH MP recovery support or things will most likely go down.

Removing bad stuff / Esuna

2015-07-17 Esuna

As I leveled WHM first, I shall call the whole effect of “removing bad effects from a player” as Esuna.

Everyone has it. It also seems that the cast times that I found on the internet are not very correct. On my Lv 60 WHM, Esuna has about 0.9x sec cast time. So it’s quite even.

I have never seen the WHM effect “20% chance next Esuna will cost no MP” as a status icon or as bordered spell button. Does this actually ever happen or is it broken for years?

SCH can make his fairy use an AoE Esuna every 60 seconds. This is really nice in fights where a lot of debuffs are spread through the whole party. Most important would be manual micromanaging of Selene as Selene uses this ability as soon as at least one person has a debuff that can be removed. She is not waiting for several people to be expected. And when that happens, Fey Caress is usually on cooldown.

Healing magic potency +

2015-07-17 Heal Potency

I did not forget AST in this overview. AST does not get it except in Nocturnal Sect which gives a permanent Healing magic potency +5% in that stance – which makes the shields a little bit stronger but it doesn’t affect the regen spells…

WHM is clearly leading with a 30% increase every 60 seconds for 15 seconds.

SCH can give his pet a 40% increase in potency which is really nice, expecially if used before the Fairy Regen! In addition, Eos can increase the healing potency for the whole party by 20% fo 20sec. This can push WHM to +50% and the fairy to +60%. It even helps the AST who is otherwise left out.

SCH also gets this new ability where he removes the pet, gets+20% healing potency and full 3 Aetherflow stacks. This needs of course be used situational and tactically smart. A good example would be a situation where the fairie’s skills are on cooldown and you kinda need some more MP but your Aetherflow is still on a long cooldown. Be careful though as you will still use the fairy’s Embrace. (I’m so excited to test this out myself soon!!)

Special defensive support stuff

2015-07-17 Special

Everyone gets individual and special stuff.

AST can add 15 seconds to beneficial buffs on someone with Time Dilation. Is it really for all buffs? Because if someone has lots of Damage+ or healing+ buffs active, this is pretty powerful!
Synastry is nice. Best example: 8 man party, both tanks are tanking something. Synastry on Tank A, heal tank B – both tanks get healed while Tank A only gets 50% of the heals on Tank B, the other healer can make up for it. I’d love to have this ability for WHM but this will never happen. Haha!
In addition, AST has a lot of card effects which will support the whole party and boost some DPS, reduce damage taken and ease a lot of things.

WHM shares an equally strong Protect and Stoneskin with all healers. Stoneskin II is an AoE Stoneskin which only WHM gets. It’t 100% the same effect as single target Stoneskin, it’s just handy not needing to cast Stoneskin 8 times before a big fight.

SCH gets a lot of stuff to prevent damage. Be it magic damage+, better Eye for an Eye, AoE E4E, potential AoE crit Adlo/Glavanize and don’t forget about Sacred soil with 10% damage reduction! E4E is also usable by WHM and the SCH can use the WHM E4E for Deployment Tactics to make it AoE too!
Emergency Tactics is quite interesting and doubles the potency of Adlo – with which it should be used. Preferably with a crit Adlo as then the potency is tripled! It heals the original value intended as shield. So if you crit 2000 with Adlo and use Emergency Tactics (even after the person/Tank got hit a few times but Glavanize is still active), the person will get healed by 4000 HP. ö.ö


AST and SCH have the most utility spells while WHM doesn’t have much to do but heal all the things! Each has their own individual heals and it’s hard to say which is “the best”. It’s very situational.

To me, the best is the one that you enjoy the most.

My rating:

17-07-2015 Rating Buffs etc


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