Patch 3.0 AST vs WHM vs SCH Healer Research: AoE Healing

Please Note: The data in this Research is partially outdated and not 100% correct anymore. There have been some changes with HW release and in the patches after. There will also be an update to AST in Patch 3.07 or 3.1 so this data will become incorrect. When the new changes are released, I will make a new research!

First of I’d like to say that my AST60 friends pointed out that the cards make a big difference that compensates the lack of healing and DPS power. While I’m still a bit doubtful about this (especially due to the random nature of the cards), I look forward to test it once I reach level 60! ö.ö Would be awesome if they really do make this difference! <3

Area of effect (AoE) healing spells.

The potency mentioned is the potency per person it hits. As AoE healing is party only, it can hit a maximum of 8 players. Example: Asylum has a potency per person of 800. So if the whole party would stand in the Asylum bubble for its complete duration, it would result in a potency of 8×800=6400.

First of all, there are those without any additional effects. They are pure healing.

2015-07-17 Healing AoE

AST (Diur) is left behind with 10 less potency than WHM, which is still not too bad. Both have the same radius of 15y. Their center is always the caster.
AST (Noct) has a potency of 290+5% = 304,5 potency which is stronger than Medica or Assize. Still, Cure III and Infomitability are stronger. 

Let’s have a look at Cure III which clearly looks super OP. Spoiler: it’s only situational OP.
Cure III has a radius of 4y. Which is like nothing. Cure III has its center on the person the WHM has targeted. So if the Melees and Tank are fighting close to each other and they all get hit by an AOE, a quick Cure III will top them all up. Ot if during a big attack of a boss, everyone gathers together, Cure III will top everyone up in one spell (like in Titan HM/EX).

Now, they gave SCH something comparable. Indomitability uses one Aetherflow and has more potency than Helios/Medica but less than Cure III. It’s an ability (instant cast, oGCD, not affected by healing potency + and no MP cost) with the caster as center. Its radius is 15y so it’s way bigger than Cure III but 150 potency weaker. Compared to Succor with only 150 potency, it’s the new super AoE heal ability for SCH.

WHM has a special ability: Assize. It deals AoE damage with 300 potency, heals AoE with 300 potency and recovers 10% of MaxMP. We are looking at the healing skills, so we would use it without Cleric Stance to heal as much as possible. It is as potent as Medica but it’s an ability (instant cast, oGCD, not affected by healing potency + and no MP cost). Use it smartly inbetween other stuff.

Conclusion: WHM still has the strongest AoE heals (without effects), be it Medica, Cure III or Assize. AST (Noct) is stronger than Medica and Assize but still weaker than Cure III or Indo. But then, SCH has to pay an Aetherflow stack for his AoE ability while WHM just gets it trown in its face. The fact that SCH can use Indomitability 3 times as often as Assize can be used, only helps if the SCH doesn’t need Aetherflow for anything else (maybe a Sacred Soil to prevent damage in the first place would be suitable).

Area of effect (AoE) healing spells with additional effects.

Each healer has two spells/abilities while the two AST spells receive different effects depending on their Stance.

2015-07-17 Healing AoE Effect

EDIT: Since Patch 3.05 Collective Unconscious (Diur) has a potency of 200 per tick. This results into a combined potency of 1200 potency (per person).

My listings of potencies will be AST(Diur)/WHM/SCH.

Regen effect: Everyone gets a regen: 640/700+800/700.

SCH only gets a regen SPELL from Eos. If a SCH uses Selene, there will be no regen, but there will also be no need for it or Eos’ other abilities.

AST: Aspected Helios (Diur) is nearly 10% weaker than Medica II or Whispering Dawn from WHM/SCH. But then, SCH can only use it every 60 seconds. WHM can recast it whenever he wants (to optimize it after it wore off) is clearly the strongest here.
AST also gets Collective Unconscious (Diur). It creates a bubble around the caster that gives a regen effect to everyone inside for 17 seconds. Unfortunately, if the AST does anything other than nothing, it will be interrupted and the bubble disappears. Its potency is stronger than Asylum or Medica II but if you can’t do anything else, its usefulness is situational and it’s doubtful that it will be used for its full duration ever. Which means, its potency is in an acutal fight less than stated in the table above. TL;TR: It’s crap.
EDIT: With its increased potency in patck 3.05, it is now stronger than Regen from WHM. And it’s AoE. While the AST cannot do anything else during these 17 seconds, it at least should now do some solid regening! I’m still doubtfull if this will really make up for the missing healing potency of AST. This is why I haven’t increased my Rating of AST AoE Regen from “+” to “++”. AST can’t do anything during this Regen and it will be interrupted as soon as more urgent things need to be done (evading, Tank healing, cards, whatever).  Ok, it’s nearly double as strong as the WHM Medica II but you also miss out on doing anything else.

WHM gets Asylum. An AoE bubble that is put on the ground. Any party member who enters gets the regen effect. As it’s an ability, it can’t be made stronger by healing potency+ buffs but its potency is already pretty awesome. Asylum is a bit smaller than Sacred Soil of SCH.
Medica II from WHM creates a lot of enmity while SCH doesn’t thanks to his fairy using the regen aoe for him. How much enmity an AST creates is unknown to me. I will investigate once I’m AST 60.


Shield effect: The AoE shields are comparable to the single target shields except that SCH does not get any crit bonus shield. Aspected Helios of AST(Noct) has 140+5% = 147 potency which is still a little less than the 150 potency of SCH. Both actually have a quite low potency and are meant to prevent soon incoming damage rather than heal already dealt damage. Shields do not stack and will overwrite each other. Please also refer to the testing from the single target tests.

Sacred Soil and Collective Unconscious (Noct). They are not really healing skills but it makes sense to talk about them now, especially since the AST one can become a Regen ability.
Both have the effect of damage taken reduced by 10%. SCH Sacred Soil costs 1 Aetherflow and might give the next Succor for 0 MP. AST Collective Unconscious (Noct) is for free but the AST may not do anything for 17 seconds or the spell will be interrupted. Its usefulnes is highly doubtable and very situational. It’s only useful when no further damage is expected like during a boss AOE where the boss is invulnerable and the group is already buffed: Use Collective Unconscious (Noct) until the attack is over and then interrupt to top up HP.

WHM gets no shield.


Only WHM Regens (Regen, Medica II, Asylum) stack with the same skill of other players. All other Regen skills from different players (or players’ fairies) will be overwritten with the newer casted one.

Aspected Helios (Diur) and Aspected Benefic (Diur) do stack with each other. Only one of each can be active at a time.

All shields are overwritten by newer casted shields (be it your own or from an other player). There can only be one shield at a time (“Glavalize” from Succor/Adloquium or the shield from Aspected Helios/Benefic).
Exception: Succor or a weaker Adloquium does not overwrite a stronger one.


WHM clearly excels in any kind of AoE healing. SCH and AST somewhat keep up to a certain extend but can’t get close to the WHM’s healing numbers and enmity generation. SCH is a shield expert and under so circumstances should an AST use shields when paired with a SCH. Just don’t waste those crit Adloquiums kthx. AST does have decent Regen AoE but I don’t see frequent uses in the Collective Unneeded Unconscious ability.

My rating:

17-07-2015 Rating Heal All


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Akhe
    Jul 21, 2015 @ 14:15:34

    A… all Riiko’s hard work was just made obsolete.

    Sorry Riiko.

    On the other hand we can play with our Astrologian friends now!



    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Jul 21, 2015 @ 15:03:03

      Not exactly. I added some “EDIT:” comments and updated some of the tables. The changes to AST mainly helps him maintain MP better. The increased potency of its AoE heal is really nice – but it’s the spell during which AST cannot do anything else. For that I really need to use it myself to see if it’s useful now.
      Also, Shields have not been enhanced at all :\



      • Akhe
        Jul 21, 2015 @ 15:17:16

        I thought they also got a big change to lightningthingy, so it still speed up spellcasting without reducing healmagics potency(?)


      • Riiko Rinkoko
        Jul 21, 2015 @ 15:37:53

        Lightspeed now grants the effect : “Reduces MP cost of spells by 25% for 10 seconds. Reduction to magic potency now only affects attack magic.” Means, if you use it, all your heals will be cheaper MP-wise but not faster. For that, you need to use your cards…
        The MP and TP cards now give regeneration effect btw, not reduced MP/TP costs.


  2. Sibyl Brosi
    Jun 15, 2016 @ 02:55:52

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    • Riiko Rinkoko
      Jun 15, 2016 @ 09:45:37

      Hello Sibyl,
      well, for one I think it’s not absolutely necessary to buy a blog or website. It’s very possible to build up your own thing from scratch, you just need to build up a community with other blogs, facebook, twitter, tumblr and where ever you feel like posting your blog entries to spread them into the world. So that you attract possible interested readers and make them aware your blog is awesome and exists out there.

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      I wish you al the best with you blogging plans :D




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